5 Easy Steps to Having an Enlightened Day!

You wake up in the morning; you open your eyes and suddenly realize you’ve been given a new day to live your life.  Awesome!  Now what?  How do you go about to making this day one of the BEST days of your life?

Here are five EASY steps to having an enlightened day…

1. MOTIVATE! Start with an intention, your firm “no-excuses” commitment to the next 24 hour time frame.  No more than that.  If you hit a wall at any point in that 24 hours (and you most likely will) re-commit by saying to yourself “Just for today I will not let anything stop me!”.

2. CREATE! Find a focus.  A great way to find a focus is to get you a dictionary.  With your eyes shut, randomly open up the dictionary and point to a word.  That word will be your focus for those 24 hours.  Review the definition and just let it sit with you.  You will automatically draw your attention to what you need most regarding your new focus and you will expand your vocabulary in the process.

3. INTUIT! While getting dressed and ready to start your day try to eliminate as much background noise, distractions, chatter as you can.  This is your “free-association” time.  Pay attention to what is going on in your head.  Have a tablet nearby to write down “good ideas” or random thought suggestions like “I wonder how so-n-so is doing” or “I need to call mom today” or “I think I will have lunch at such-n-such restaurant today”.  Everything coming through your mind is inspiring action around your intention for an enlightened day.  Some of my most brilliant “AHA” moments come in the bathroom!

4. DECIDE! At any time while you are getting ready think of one thing you will be grateful for ALL DAY, that you won’t lose sight of NO MATTER WHAT!  Write it down if you need to.

5. EXECUTE! Follow through!  Even if you are faced with what you feel is the most difficult/challenging day of your life, look at everything from the focus/perspective of your new word and the one thing you are grateful for.  You will automatically attract everything you need to stay on track and open to all the necessary creative answers/directions you may need to navigate yourself easily, lovingly and peacefully through your enlightened day… that could change the course of your life forever…

3 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Having an Enlightened Day!

  1. Blain Post author

    My favorite post yet! I love the picture and feel pumped for the rest of today. Thank you for sharing this 🙂


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