Creating a New Plane of Action

Action, reaction, response…on what level and at what depth are you relating to your environment, to your situation, to your life, or to your world?  Do you take the time to stop and assess what may be just taken for granted because it feels “normal” and without any discrepancies?  Have you been taking the easy route for so long that making any changes or adventuring into “unknown” territory would feel too much of a burden for you?  Are you running and hiding from what attempts to take you to new depths of understanding and involvement in your day-to-day life?  There are always plenty of surface level aspects in your current situation or environment that will keep your attention or focus without any thought to what you are feeling or experiencing.  Do you resent the call to do more, the request that comes strong and powerful from the Universe that says “Hey, where are you going here” and “what else do you feel you could create in this scenario?”  Is there a strong pull to flow and process deep thoughts or excessive emotions that leave you feeling over-exposed and vulnerable?  Can you see this as a time to develop and evolve or are you too busy resenting having to go through any passage of depth and severity?

Take a good look now around you.  Do you see that you have traveled through many transitional experiences, most of which have brought you to a critical mass once or twice, that have allowed you to find new, deeper, understanding and wisdom of the heart, that had not been able to be noted until that leap into a whole new level of your living experience?  What some may call a “leap of faith” others may just build a bridge to walk across, either way one is taking a stand to move on and create new levels of experiencing their life.  It is then, once noted that one is in their new plane of action, immediately new resources begin to show up in support of the new quest for a deeper and unknown life experience.  Acknowledging your desire to do so will take you right there, no need to “click your heels” or “wave a magic wand”.  Your heart knows the way and, once inspired, the flame of desire is lit to motivate and propel you forward, on into the “new”, the “deep”, the “mysterious” and the “unknown”.

A new plane of action begins to unfold all on its own as your acceptance for the “unknown” becomes stronger and stronger.  As your new instincts kick-in to recognize your new levels to be experienced you are then only a step-by-step approach away from experiencing all that is now “brand new”.  “Revelations”…”enlightenment”…whatever you term it or attempt to define it, you are now in a new plane and what is available cannot be known; only discovered and experienced.  Welcome to your new world!

2 thoughts on “Creating a New Plane of Action

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