Point of View…Everything Has an Origin

Trace it back, do your research and pay attention to what is really going on.  It is not unusual for most individuals to go about their day without any thought to where all the elements of their experience began.  The car they may drive was built from raw materials.  The tree that is growing in their front yard started from a small seed that came from somewhere…another adult tree perhaps?  What about your life?  Day-to-day one goes about making choices, judging their interactions, and seeing their world through their own eyes based on their own experience.  Most rarely will stop to expand upon the perceived starting point of any one particular thing or experience.  Why is that?  Yes, the past is the past yet do you not, on a day-to-day basis, think of something from that past?  A memory of someone, a thought about what someone had said or a feeling about some experience you had endured?  Stop now and think, if you were to take a few more moments of your time and attempt to trace those thoughts, memories or feelings back as far as you could go, to where you felt was their point of origin, do you not feel that you would have a completely different view on them?  Once the history of any situation is just partially understood the opportunity for a “bigger picture” becomes available.

A “bigger picture” allows one to tie together loose ends of any situation or experience, giving that experience a much deeper meaning and opportunity to draw wisdom of the heart.  Yes, this is where love can illuminate the situation, the memory, or the experience, as one will come to see, know, or understand that love is a part of its origin, always.  Every single thing will have love as its cellular or energetic makeup, as there is no other way to create something.  The evidence never lies and the origin of all that you are and all of which you interact with begins with the element of love.  It’s just that simple!

3 thoughts on “Point of View…Everything Has an Origin

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