7 Powerful Ways to Creating Vital Life Changes

Color can shape, change, and give order and continuity to our living experience and energetic essence.  Most of us stick to our same (comfortable) color schemes expressed through the clothes we wear, the paint choices for our rooms, the flowers blooming in our yards, the art work we surround our self with, even the fruits and vegetables we eat.  Most of us will fight or resist the thought of making any type of change to that “norm”.

You can now easily free yourself and let your true colors come shining through, to color your world in a fresh new way, uninhibited by any “fear of change”.  With a little attention to how you are feeling inside yourself and blending and mixing the “powers” of any of the 7 colors below,  you can be well on your way to creating those new changes calling to you right now.

RED: Stimulates our appetite, our passions, energy, strength and drive.  It can stimulate our manifesting and our security in the material world.  Red counters fatigue by transforming our emotions into action.

ORANGE: Can be used as a means of attraction, it acts like a strong magnetic force and creates motivation and excitement.  It can stimulate our need to achieve and be successful.  Orange also entices increased absorption of nutrients and vital substances in our body.

YELLOW: Stimulates happiness, hope, growth and mental clarity.  It represents our power and feelings of being in control.  Yellow can be used to counteract depression or mental blocks and can be a great source for boosting energy metabolism.

GREEN: Links our mind with our emotions and our abilities to give and receive love in our relationships.  It represents healing, new beginnings, flowing abundance, tolerance, sympathy and gratitude.  Green generates inner peace.

BLUE: Stimulates emotional balance, harmony, courage and open, honest, and sincere communications.  Blue aids in meditation and decision-making and in experiencing serenity and emotional protection.

PURPLE: Heightens our intuition and access to our Higher/Spiritual Self, self-confidence, and feelings of royalty/sovereignty, our power and authority.  Purple combines the energy of RED and the calm direction of BLUE.

3 thoughts on “7 Powerful Ways to Creating Vital Life Changes

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