Frame of Mind: Validating our Thoughts

No excuses! Decide on your path and then follow through!  This is how all the elements come together to create the form or outcome you desire.  Realize here you are at a point on your path where your opportunities meet all your preparations.  It is here where you come to know, or awaken to, the Truth of your new alignment to all that is now available for you to tap into.  Here you come to realize that everything you had previously experienced or endured, even what has evolved, is now made visible to your understanding of who you are and have become.  Here is where one can now trust, at a deeper level, that all that has occurred has been for a purpose, with a deeper meaning beyond that purpose.  This is where one is now validated as grown, evolved and matured inside and outside their self and on all levels of their being.  Glorious moments of Truth are revealed here without any attachments or conditions what-so-ever.  Here one is purely and completely free, as a whole and integrated being of Light and Love, all of which is now validated within the center of your mind.

How does one know this validation process?  One knows this when they will no longer feel a resistance to their progress or forward movement.  It is at this point one is truly free in a full and conscious way, without any doubts, fears or worries.  They are knowingly and joyously fully present in their present, in their True “now” moments, and feeling no restraints, limitations or restrictions what-so-ever.  Does this seem impossible?  Not at all, this is an on-going occurrence that unfolds over time in its own natural and authentic way.  Thus, one will not usually recognize or realize the on-going process until they have either reached an obstacle or obstruction or have achieved completion and integration of the process.  Keep in mind your mind is what requires this validation, the Spirit always knows the Truth at hand.  There’s no reason to become unreasonable or frustrated if you are not able to move smoothly throughout this process of achieving validation.  Remain calm and continue to move forward making progress through all that you feel is holding you back, restricting or limiting you in any way.  You will then, at some point, come through this challenging time only to find yourself meeting with what is now new and ready for your next phase of “it’s a wonderful life”.

Your frame of mind will now frame your mind with new thought and new action more viable and in alignment with what you have already become, as validation shall come forth to ensure your timely process and full transition, from “there” to “right here and now”.  Rest assured you are now ready for the development of your next new frame of life, in your mind and being manifested into form, as you think your next new thoughts of being upon your new path of glory.

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