Establishing Truth Through The Eye of The Beholder

See through the eye of the beholder, see what they see.  They will see what is being presented to them.  What are you presenting, exhibiting or emitting?  How would you look at yourself, as if through their eyes, and describe what you see or feel about yourself?  Here is a way to come to an understanding of your own frame of mind, to understand how you see yourself, or would like others to see you.  Is it authentic and true, honest and sincere?  What might you be holding back or trying to hide?  Are you able to be fully open and revealing, easygoing in nature and unaffected by worry of something being exposed?  What if this beholder has a keen insight, is highly sensitive and feels with a strong knowing of unresisting Truth?  Would you shy away from them or would you be willing to let them come in close to you?

Your response to these questions becomes your frame of mind, this is what you are validating with each and every person you meet and greet.  Without spelling it out here, you might not have even thought about it until now, and will the next time another (new) beholder comes into your life-space.  Whether it is in the grocery store or at your local restaurant, you can now be aware how another person is seeing you.  For as you do you will come to understand how you are seeing and thinking about yourself, what thoughts you are consistently using to validate your self-worth and importance, in who you are or who you are not.  You will begin to recognize that each person you are blessed to meet and greet along your path comes with a purpose and meaning, shared between the two of you.

You see each one person is able to take notice of what they are beholding through their own eyes and come to know what they see by how they are feeling about what is coming forth to them.  The more one attempts to hide their full expression the more visible they become, as the beholder will sense and know there is more to be revealed, by the one they behold.  Thus as you come to recognize the importance of your own full expression and exposure of authentic self and Truth, you will then compel all others beholding you to fully and openly express their full True and authentic self.  Here, each beholds the other without any question or concern in sharing fully in the relationship now unfolding before them.  All are free to just “be” while remaining focused on establishing a deeper, fuller relationship waiting to be exposed and shared.  All is in its Divine time yet begins with the openness of all that you are, as the rest just follows in abundance and wholeness as each individual is validated in their authentically framed mind of Truth.

2 thoughts on “Establishing Truth Through The Eye of The Beholder

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