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There’s Always Something New About You

Self-discovery can happen at any moment in time.  A new moment opens up and begins to reveal what has not been noticed before.  New knowledge, new understanding, new wisdom gained from some previous experience, comes forward as revelations in your mind or, through your own eyes first, then flows through your mind for interpretation.  There’s no need for pretense or dishonesty here.  What’s being revealed just is what it is, because it already “is”, and there’s nothing to be judged or criticized.  Once you come to understand the beauty in what has now come to Light you can decide to let it stay or simply discard, or disregard it, as you feel it’s appropriate future use and purpose to your well-being.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, yet understand, just because one does not or cannot find the beauty in what is presented as new, does not mean beauty will not be found through anothers interpretation.  Thus, it is good to be patient with your new revelations, as making any hasty decisions could create an unnecessary forfeit to a beautiful gift not yet recognizable.  You know what you know at the time that you attempt to perceive a situation, or experience, in a certain fashion yet, once what is new can be given a chance to be contemplated, what you perceive later could take on a whole new understanding in itself.  You will know much more in any given future than you would in your present moment in time.  Here, what you know or understand will have a direct effect on what is being perceived as new, along with how you feel about letting it stay or completely letting it go.

There is much to take in at any point of a revelation of newness.  The thoughts and ideas can be endless, or boundless, if you allow them to be free this way.  This gives you an opportunity to find acceptance in what is new, along with an understanding of what potentials may be found with this new aspect of yourself now clearly coming to your conscious awareness.  Free you here in all ways; milk your new thoughts and ideas as if they were flowing liquid gold.  Waste not or take for granted this process of newness as in any new revelation there are infinite gifts to be found and developed, then shared.  Yes, here is your grandest gift of all, all that comes forth new for you is not just for you alone.  Any gifted enlightened revelation of new understanding or development comes forth as a shared manifestation.  Each one is meant to be exchanged with those whom you find attracted to your new found newness or to those you may meet along the way forward and into your future, those who may be in need of exactly what you have been given to offer and share.

Realize you are the designator of “what-is-what” and always know you are not meant to burden yourself with a heavy load of new found discoveries.  Abundance is always meant to be flowed, one way or another, whether you keep, discards or share, you will know what is necessary here to keep your load balanced and light.  Just remain mindful of all that surrounds you at any given moment in time and that you will never lack in anything.  You will find that there is always something new about you, being flowed through you, to do as you decide for you and all concerned.

Never Lose Hope!

The floodgates have opened, the dam has burst and the water flows forward, fearlessly and assertively, finding its path of least resistance.  There is freedom in this extreme occurrence as what was once bottled up, severely restricted and limited from movement, is now running free, and pioneering its own route or pathway that is right and true for its purpose and natural progress.  This is not a disastrous occurrence or a “bad” thing to happen.  Change is always in motion yet some change can be perceived on a much larger scale than others you may encounter.  Either way, change is a way to bring new life forward as a new path is created for its forward progress.  Once the change is already set into motion, you can choose to resist or run from what is taking place, or simply go with the flow of the new path being created, realizing all is in its own perfection.

Do you not trust that every living thing has its own natural process dear ones?  Do you understand and realize that every living thing has an innate and instinctual way to know what is right and best for its purpose and need for well-being?  Trust this higher aspect in yourself, trust that just like the water you are strong in your own knowing and instincts, to seek and follow the right path for you.  Have yourself focus on what is right and true for you and you will make the right choices every time.  Even if you come to the rocky rapids or a cliff you must leap off of, if you are flowing with your own process, you will create a beautiful waterfall as you find that soft landing below, where you will once again land in the spring of your own serenity.

You know what is best for you dear ones, there is no one that can tell you this but your own true voice within.  Listen now to your senses as you are led, guided and delivered to all that awaits you now, as that beauty and delight within you bursts through its own barriers, and breaks free upon that course/path perfectly designed for your hearts desires and creative action.

Seeing Through The Eyes of Grace

Beautiful blended movement, sweet melody, sweet flow, sweetness, oh so sweet and gentle, grace will touch you at the very core of your being.  Each cell can be felt as it tingles in delight throughout every part of your being.  In grace, one just follows with the movements; nothing interrupts the smooth deliverance coming forward.  Grace is pure in its own action, untainted by any type of adversity.

Is it possible to live this way, consistently seeing your world through the eyes of grace and then experiencing the affects of grace?  How beautiful it would seem to be yet uncertain of the longevity of its stamina in our world of opposition.  This doesn’t make it impossible to practice.  To set this intention, of perception and vision through the eyes of grace, could change the course of our life forever.  Just the mere intention could be that powerful, as the elements which contain grace would be founded and experienced on a regular basis.  To hold grace in our consciousness alone could reveal new insights and perceptions we have not yet ever come to know or experience, only because we have not made the all-out effort or practice to expect grace in everything that we do, or in every situation that we experience.  What a beautiful world this would be if we took responsibility to practice this way of being conscious.  It is time to consider this practice in every step we take and in every move we make, to develop fully what this would mean for us to see and perceive the world, up front and personal, through the eyes of grace.

Grace holds no judgment or harsh elements.  Grace is beauty and form together, as one.  Yet not everything that exemplifies grace can be easily described, as grace is also an experience, an experience felt through our own beings interpretations of that experience.  Once grace is identified it is then morphed into a feeling or energy that is felt through our entire being…body, mind and Spirit.  Grace becomes undeniable in it presence as grace is profound and extraordinary in its make-up.  Each one of us will process our “grace experience” differently and will have our own evidence of its experience, from our own memory of its out-playing.  Grace becomes one with us as we are completely transformed by its beauty and delivery in the total experience.

There is no more “thinking” needed around this.  Just set the intention to see everything through the eyes of grace and that will open the doors to receive it in its ultimate glory.

Commending vs. Condemning

Don’t settle for good when you can have great!  Cleanse and purify, release all toxins now, you know what those are for you.  You know what feels good and true to your well-being.  Anything not in that “right” place within you will begin to wreak havoc.  Immediately there will be a resistance, not only felt within but acted out, externally by your own behavior or response through some type of outward action.  This is a time to escape this scenario, by allowing your heart to bring forth love and allowing grace to come forth to raise the entire experience, or situation, above and beyond all condemnation.  Here one is able to find the gift in any situation or experience without having to sacrifice their every part of their self/being in the process.  Here is where self-talk can play the ultimate role in re-centering or re-framing the situation from condemning to commending.  To be able to stop, assess, then flow the entire experience with an open heart and loving eyes, to see the Truth that there can always be commending, to fuel the Higher energies that will compel only goodness and wellbeing.

To condemn is to extinguish, diminish or lower the availability of all that is good and true from being received by you, and all concerned.  To condemn is to pollute your mind with negative distractions, even blinding you from any “real” Love or Light that can be found in any situation or experience.  There is no one that can help you here when you choose to engage yourself with feeding upon condemning thought or livelihood.  One must first come to their own enlightened state of “aha” to make the shift from the “low road” of condemning to the “high road” of commending.

Believing in who you are, while allowing your happy heart to lead the way for you, will be your constant food and fuel for nurturing commending, whether it be for yourself or for another.  Love flowing touches all, just as hatred or anger will.  It is all a matter of what you are choosing to bring forth into the situation or experience you are blessed to be in.  Blessed, always, there is no other explanation as you are commended for living your chosen life this lifetime.

Finding Courage in Each Step

Be as the sun rising in the sky, unafraid to fully shine and express all that you are, without hesitation.   Don’t settle for anything less than that.  As you sense or observe any obstacles or obstructions to you being in your full glory, remove them at once, you know what is good to stay and what is necessary to let go of.  Remove yourself from harms-way as adversity seems to find you when you begin to doubt yourself.  “Like” attracts “like”, as you illuminate your path in your full glory so to shall those that desire the same come in closer to you, and the path you are treading along.  The scope of your picture can now begin to expand, as you not only stand in your courage of your convictions but also move forward fearlessly, trusting in your own strength to stand by what you believe as your Truth.

As you are moving forward your experience brings you expertise.  That which you come to know along the way as insight is compelled through you, allowing yourself to fully experience your path on all levels of your being and consciousness.  You begin to see, know and experience so much more, as each step brings you that much more strength and courage to stand by what you believe is right and true for you.  Regain your balance with each step.  Allow yourself to fully integrate all that you experience as you take the time to go deep within and seek those answers, or insights, surrounding what you have just been blessed to come to know.  Once anything is experienced, a deeper version of who you are and what is now important to you can be established and brought forward with you, into the next opening you decide to walk through.  Remove all old or past hang-ups or inhibitions at this point, and of any new beginning.  Allow yourself the freedom to be without “balls and chains”, heavy burdens of old pain and suffering, or old ways to choke your lifestyle through excess control, doubt or fears.

If one can fully open to their new experience unfolding they are giving their self a gift of opportunity.  One now can stretch and expand their life into new directions that brings rejuvenating adventures and loving souls that seek to find them and to walk their path one-on-one together, sharing that experience in a synergistic way.  Allow yourself this time now to live fearlessly and courageously firm in your convictions, yielding to all that is attracted or comes new from this individual stance you are making and taking upon your path of glory, and in expressing fully all that you authentically are.

How to Garden Your Way to Success and Prosperity

Most of us can understand that there is a science or art to creating and cultivating a healthy and abundant harvest… no matter what we are attempting to produce.  Year after year we go through the motions to achieve a major dream or desire we would like to experience in our life.  Here are 4 steps for maximizing the harvest that you have been wanting but just didn’t know how to get.

Step One – Plot, Plan, Prepare

A good farmer tills the field before it is planted.   Start with your own questions that you have about your plan by writing or typing them out… as most questions contain their answers within them.  For example, consider the following:

What do you want to create, produce, or accomplish? If a farmer were to plant carrot seeds he/she’s going to get carrots!  Do you want a new relationship?  Is that relationship business or personal?  How will this new relationship blend with the other aspects of your life?

Where will you need to plant your seeds… in your career, in your home, in your physical health, maybe in your social life?  A good farmer knows location, location, location! Broadcasting seeds everywhere scatters your energies in too many directions! The more concentrated and organized you are the more focus you can sustain on the growing process and outcome.

How much time will you need to devote to your desired harvest and when will you do what is needed or necessary?  A good farmer has a regular schedule set up with the appointed times and days to stay on track.

What basic tools will you need to get started…equipment, clothing, maybe a coach/guidance?  A good farmer knows that having the right tools can make all the difference in ease and quality in the production process.  Keep this simple.  You can always acquire the tools you need along the way.  Don’t let this stop you from starting!

Step 2 – Get Started Now

It is time now to get started… now…not later…not tomorrow…now!  Take that first step into the field!  Plant those seeds by creating daily affirmations around your intentions for your harvest.  Read them regularly and post them around your frequented living spaces.  Keep taking steps into the field!

Step 3 – Affection is key

Vigilant and diligent maintenance of your crop, doing whatever is needed and necessary to keep your crop alive and healthy, including a regular watering of patience.  Cultivate all laziness, complacency, negative thoughts or distractions that may be draining all the nutrients from your creative process.  Dis-ease can spread quickly if unattended!

Make good and clear decisions along the way in what stays and what goes, and stick to your decisions once they are made!  Evaluate where you may need to be more flexible as day-to-day activities may require you to rotate your schedule around a bit so you can remain on track with your planned priorities.  Don’t let fear or doubt become an excuse at any time along the way!

Step 4 – Harvest Your Outcome!

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and devoted labor!  Celebrate your success and achievement of your plan of action!

Timing is everything… so what are YOU waiting for?

The Courage of Your Convictions

Retrieve then apply, go within and seek out your Highest and Best available to you right now.  It is time to follow-through and spring-forth the “Best of you”.  Ignite your enthusiasm, your desires and passions.  Let this new energy boost your driving forces to take action, as you are now ready to manifest this “Best of you” into form, where it can be fully accessed.  Access-ability comes from the desire and willingness to seek out what is now available for you to tap into.  If one is lazy and complacent this connection cannot be found and made.  Going with the flow is key to this yet, this flow, does not mean being asleep “at the wheel”.  Hardly, one must find their focus while keeping their forward movement “on track”, and in alignment, with where they are intending to go or what they are intending to accomplish.

One must see this direction or destination, in their vision, as this too will create driving energies that will propel you forward, and directly right “on track”.  Before finding excuses as to why you may, or may not, be moving in your desired direction simply stop to assess your own responsibility to the call to action, as you may find that what may be obstructing your flow is all in your control, to re-align and get back “on track”.  Too many times one gives up before they give their “all” into getting where they are going.  Too often fear is allowed to set in to taint the vision, or block the flow, of smooth movement rather than just making a simple self-rule of “no excuses allowed”. Once you are able to move forward freely, one gains momentum as they stand firm in their convictions to reach their desired point of satisfaction or achievement.  This creates an ultimate feeling of completion and an overall understanding of what you had just went through and experienced.  Another experience is added to the many in your past, which will now surge new momentum into the entire new forward movement being created.

Yes, it is an endless and on-going cycle of creating, extending and reaching target points of intention, but with the courage of your convictions and only allowing what is Highest and Best to be present or fulfilled, you will always be “on a roll” to the next new Highest and Best experience just waiting to be sought out and unfolded by you, as it is made just for you and your amazing individual path and Soul journey.  It is time now to bring forth that which lies deep within, asleep for so long, but now newly awakened and ready for an abundant harvest season.  See this through and you shall only know the blessings that await you coming to be all that you are, heart and Soul, and everything in-between.

Being Consciously Aware of Our Power

Incredible, magnificent, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, beyond measure…how would you describe your powers within you dear ones?  Do you recognize what it is you are observing as you are asked this question?  Does it take a lot of thought to describe what you know as your power or are you able to immediately sense it and put into words what you know as your undeniable Truth?  Do you relate your power to your own vessel or do you feel a need to be a part of a group in order to feel and openly exert it?   Gather your strength and courage here and begin to focus on what it is you are doing with this valuable resource.  There is no right or wrong definitions to what comes forward here for you coming into your power.  It is in your experiences as you move forward, all that will bring you understanding of what your power means for you dear ones.  What one may see as “much” or “great” power, another may see as “little” or “no” power, you are the one to determine this.  You are the one to place your own judgment upon yourself to see great worth and value, or to see little or no worth and value.  Here you are either flowing and using your power effectively, or you are depleting and diminishing yourself by giving your power away without replenishment.

What does this mean to give your power away?  When one is in their power they are centered, balanced and confident, all is in integrity and they are firm in who they are, in their purpose for being and in their delivery of their Truth.  As one begins to entertain doubt in their self or begins to believe in the untruths of their illusions, whether they are imposed or learned, they will then begin to use their power to manipulate others or their own situation.  They will demand from, or exert control over, others rather than trust, creating an excessive use of their power which eventually leaves them frustrated, resentful and angry.  Power is a grand force and when used in alignment to Truth, Light and love, one will beat any odds every time.  The odds presented here are of remaining at a High and growing vibration, flowing peacefully, joyfully and with serenity vs. falling into moodiness, anger, depression or despair.  Power as it is used in any situation or challenge is then constantly and consistently renewed and revitalized, all within the one “you”.  Thus you dear ones are then able to rise above any challenge or opposition while remaining in your own powerful way of creating a beautiful world in which to live in.

Fueling Our Source of Power

Prepare yourself to receive, sensitize.  Where does your resistance lie?  Dig deep now like an expert excavator.  One must first reveal what resources are available now to tap into.  Access-ability to the contents within is what is needed now.  Once understood what it is you are fueling one can then provide the proper nourishment that will revitalize the Source of what is now ready to be utilized.  Expand your boundaries and limitations here; there is a need to become familiar with what is freely flowing inside, as well as all that surrounds you now.  Distinguish between old and new, outdated and reformed.  Once realized what can be useful and worthy for fueling it is then you are able to remove all resistance to allowing your Source of power its fullness in coming-to-be.

Power cannot be measured if there is not fuel to keep it smoothly running, no fuel no power.  Yet also realize that the quality and integrity of what is used as Source fuel will also have a great effect on the overall outcome, or output, of your power, not just “any-old” fuel will do.  As you can understand love, joy and gratitude as fuel verses hatred, despair or jealousy will each bring a different outcome.  Allowing your fuel to run on high without replenishing its Source will eventually leave you empty and unable to tap into any type of power, as the energy to make the connection will no longer exist.  It is key to be consistent and not overlook any details to your viability in fueling your Source of power; you are your own caretaker.  Yet know you can work with others to elevate your Source of power while helping them elevate theirs.

Fuel is a matter of the mind, heart and Spirit working together in cooperation with each other.  You cannot have one part of the self fueled while another part lays in stagnation or death.  An overall concern on your part is necessary to tend to all parts of your being to be fueled, as then the main Source of power will remain in a balanced state mind, heart and Spirit.  Be aware of your needs on all levels and you most certainly will be able to tap into the fuel needed or necessary, to keep your Source of power in tip-top shape and running full speed ahead.