The Courage of Your Convictions

Retrieve then apply, go within and seek out your Highest and Best available to you right now.  It is time to follow-through and spring-forth the “Best of you”.  Ignite your enthusiasm, your desires and passions.  Let this new energy boost your driving forces to take action, as you are now ready to manifest this “Best of you” into form, where it can be fully accessed.  Access-ability comes from the desire and willingness to seek out what is now available for you to tap into.  If one is lazy and complacent this connection cannot be found and made.  Going with the flow is key to this yet, this flow, does not mean being asleep “at the wheel”.  Hardly, one must find their focus while keeping their forward movement “on track”, and in alignment, with where they are intending to go or what they are intending to accomplish.

One must see this direction or destination, in their vision, as this too will create driving energies that will propel you forward, and directly right “on track”.  Before finding excuses as to why you may, or may not, be moving in your desired direction simply stop to assess your own responsibility to the call to action, as you may find that what may be obstructing your flow is all in your control, to re-align and get back “on track”.  Too many times one gives up before they give their “all” into getting where they are going.  Too often fear is allowed to set in to taint the vision, or block the flow, of smooth movement rather than just making a simple self-rule of “no excuses allowed”. Once you are able to move forward freely, one gains momentum as they stand firm in their convictions to reach their desired point of satisfaction or achievement.  This creates an ultimate feeling of completion and an overall understanding of what you had just went through and experienced.  Another experience is added to the many in your past, which will now surge new momentum into the entire new forward movement being created.

Yes, it is an endless and on-going cycle of creating, extending and reaching target points of intention, but with the courage of your convictions and only allowing what is Highest and Best to be present or fulfilled, you will always be “on a roll” to the next new Highest and Best experience just waiting to be sought out and unfolded by you, as it is made just for you and your amazing individual path and Soul journey.  It is time now to bring forth that which lies deep within, asleep for so long, but now newly awakened and ready for an abundant harvest season.  See this through and you shall only know the blessings that await you coming to be all that you are, heart and Soul, and everything in-between.

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