Finding Courage in Each Step

Be as the sun rising in the sky, unafraid to fully shine and express all that you are, without hesitation.   Don’t settle for anything less than that.  As you sense or observe any obstacles or obstructions to you being in your full glory, remove them at once, you know what is good to stay and what is necessary to let go of.  Remove yourself from harms-way as adversity seems to find you when you begin to doubt yourself.  “Like” attracts “like”, as you illuminate your path in your full glory so to shall those that desire the same come in closer to you, and the path you are treading along.  The scope of your picture can now begin to expand, as you not only stand in your courage of your convictions but also move forward fearlessly, trusting in your own strength to stand by what you believe as your Truth.

As you are moving forward your experience brings you expertise.  That which you come to know along the way as insight is compelled through you, allowing yourself to fully experience your path on all levels of your being and consciousness.  You begin to see, know and experience so much more, as each step brings you that much more strength and courage to stand by what you believe is right and true for you.  Regain your balance with each step.  Allow yourself to fully integrate all that you experience as you take the time to go deep within and seek those answers, or insights, surrounding what you have just been blessed to come to know.  Once anything is experienced, a deeper version of who you are and what is now important to you can be established and brought forward with you, into the next opening you decide to walk through.  Remove all old or past hang-ups or inhibitions at this point, and of any new beginning.  Allow yourself the freedom to be without “balls and chains”, heavy burdens of old pain and suffering, or old ways to choke your lifestyle through excess control, doubt or fears.

If one can fully open to their new experience unfolding they are giving their self a gift of opportunity.  One now can stretch and expand their life into new directions that brings rejuvenating adventures and loving souls that seek to find them and to walk their path one-on-one together, sharing that experience in a synergistic way.  Allow yourself this time now to live fearlessly and courageously firm in your convictions, yielding to all that is attracted or comes new from this individual stance you are making and taking upon your path of glory, and in expressing fully all that you authentically are.

2 thoughts on “Finding Courage in Each Step

  1. Karen Fisher

    As this channeling so beautifully says to me, conviction of my truth is what it takes and faith is what I must have to have courage! Without commitment, courage cannot take us to where the gift of opportunity presents itself to us. Without courage, life can take us over and we will find ourselves lost in a sea of adversities trying to swim out of them without drowning!

    By saying thank you, for this channeling, I am again reminded that opportunities to grow will always present themselves, sometimes when least expected. What I experience from these opportunities will determine how I grow and where I go from here.

    Blessings you, Paula & to all who read this channeling of taking that step into courage. May all our days ahead be lived in the truth which passes all understanding, In light, in love and with favor with the Divine & Holy, God of all creation.

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