Commending vs. Condemning

Don’t settle for good when you can have great!  Cleanse and purify, release all toxins now, you know what those are for you.  You know what feels good and true to your well-being.  Anything not in that “right” place within you will begin to wreak havoc.  Immediately there will be a resistance, not only felt within but acted out, externally by your own behavior or response through some type of outward action.  This is a time to escape this scenario, by allowing your heart to bring forth love and allowing grace to come forth to raise the entire experience, or situation, above and beyond all condemnation.  Here one is able to find the gift in any situation or experience without having to sacrifice their every part of their self/being in the process.  Here is where self-talk can play the ultimate role in re-centering or re-framing the situation from condemning to commending.  To be able to stop, assess, then flow the entire experience with an open heart and loving eyes, to see the Truth that there can always be commending, to fuel the Higher energies that will compel only goodness and wellbeing.

To condemn is to extinguish, diminish or lower the availability of all that is good and true from being received by you, and all concerned.  To condemn is to pollute your mind with negative distractions, even blinding you from any “real” Love or Light that can be found in any situation or experience.  There is no one that can help you here when you choose to engage yourself with feeding upon condemning thought or livelihood.  One must first come to their own enlightened state of “aha” to make the shift from the “low road” of condemning to the “high road” of commending.

Believing in who you are, while allowing your happy heart to lead the way for you, will be your constant food and fuel for nurturing commending, whether it be for yourself or for another.  Love flowing touches all, just as hatred or anger will.  It is all a matter of what you are choosing to bring forth into the situation or experience you are blessed to be in.  Blessed, always, there is no other explanation as you are commended for living your chosen life this lifetime.

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