Seeing Through The Eyes of Grace

Beautiful blended movement, sweet melody, sweet flow, sweetness, oh so sweet and gentle, grace will touch you at the very core of your being.  Each cell can be felt as it tingles in delight throughout every part of your being.  In grace, one just follows with the movements; nothing interrupts the smooth deliverance coming forward.  Grace is pure in its own action, untainted by any type of adversity.

Is it possible to live this way, consistently seeing your world through the eyes of grace and then experiencing the affects of grace?  How beautiful it would seem to be yet uncertain of the longevity of its stamina in our world of opposition.  This doesn’t make it impossible to practice.  To set this intention, of perception and vision through the eyes of grace, could change the course of our life forever.  Just the mere intention could be that powerful, as the elements which contain grace would be founded and experienced on a regular basis.  To hold grace in our consciousness alone could reveal new insights and perceptions we have not yet ever come to know or experience, only because we have not made the all-out effort or practice to expect grace in everything that we do, or in every situation that we experience.  What a beautiful world this would be if we took responsibility to practice this way of being conscious.  It is time to consider this practice in every step we take and in every move we make, to develop fully what this would mean for us to see and perceive the world, up front and personal, through the eyes of grace.

Grace holds no judgment or harsh elements.  Grace is beauty and form together, as one.  Yet not everything that exemplifies grace can be easily described, as grace is also an experience, an experience felt through our own beings interpretations of that experience.  Once grace is identified it is then morphed into a feeling or energy that is felt through our entire being…body, mind and Spirit.  Grace becomes undeniable in it presence as grace is profound and extraordinary in its make-up.  Each one of us will process our “grace experience” differently and will have our own evidence of its experience, from our own memory of its out-playing.  Grace becomes one with us as we are completely transformed by its beauty and delivery in the total experience.

There is no more “thinking” needed around this.  Just set the intention to see everything through the eyes of grace and that will open the doors to receive it in its ultimate glory.

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