Never Lose Hope!

The floodgates have opened, the dam has burst and the water flows forward, fearlessly and assertively, finding its path of least resistance.  There is freedom in this extreme occurrence as what was once bottled up, severely restricted and limited from movement, is now running free, and pioneering its own route or pathway that is right and true for its purpose and natural progress.  This is not a disastrous occurrence or a “bad” thing to happen.  Change is always in motion yet some change can be perceived on a much larger scale than others you may encounter.  Either way, change is a way to bring new life forward as a new path is created for its forward progress.  Once the change is already set into motion, you can choose to resist or run from what is taking place, or simply go with the flow of the new path being created, realizing all is in its own perfection.

Do you not trust that every living thing has its own natural process dear ones?  Do you understand and realize that every living thing has an innate and instinctual way to know what is right and best for its purpose and need for well-being?  Trust this higher aspect in yourself, trust that just like the water you are strong in your own knowing and instincts, to seek and follow the right path for you.  Have yourself focus on what is right and true for you and you will make the right choices every time.  Even if you come to the rocky rapids or a cliff you must leap off of, if you are flowing with your own process, you will create a beautiful waterfall as you find that soft landing below, where you will once again land in the spring of your own serenity.

You know what is best for you dear ones, there is no one that can tell you this but your own true voice within.  Listen now to your senses as you are led, guided and delivered to all that awaits you now, as that beauty and delight within you bursts through its own barriers, and breaks free upon that course/path perfectly designed for your hearts desires and creative action.

1 thought on “Never Lose Hope!

  1. Karen Fisher

    The only thing more difficult for many of us than change is when things should change and DO Not change! Our loving Creator God knows the ebbs and flows of the tides of life cycles that He?She created. Can I accept that like the ebb and ever flowing tide of the ocean waters, my life is just as ever-flowing? This writing reminded me that, indeed, I must!
    Thank you for your message, dear Paula!


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