There’s Always Something New About You

Self-discovery can happen at any moment in time.  A new moment opens up and begins to reveal what has not been noticed before.  New knowledge, new understanding, new wisdom gained from some previous experience, comes forward as revelations in your mind or, through your own eyes first, then flows through your mind for interpretation.  There’s no need for pretense or dishonesty here.  What’s being revealed just is what it is, because it already “is”, and there’s nothing to be judged or criticized.  Once you come to understand the beauty in what has now come to Light you can decide to let it stay or simply discard, or disregard it, as you feel it’s appropriate future use and purpose to your well-being.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, yet understand, just because one does not or cannot find the beauty in what is presented as new, does not mean beauty will not be found through anothers interpretation.  Thus, it is good to be patient with your new revelations, as making any hasty decisions could create an unnecessary forfeit to a beautiful gift not yet recognizable.  You know what you know at the time that you attempt to perceive a situation, or experience, in a certain fashion yet, once what is new can be given a chance to be contemplated, what you perceive later could take on a whole new understanding in itself.  You will know much more in any given future than you would in your present moment in time.  Here, what you know or understand will have a direct effect on what is being perceived as new, along with how you feel about letting it stay or completely letting it go.

There is much to take in at any point of a revelation of newness.  The thoughts and ideas can be endless, or boundless, if you allow them to be free this way.  This gives you an opportunity to find acceptance in what is new, along with an understanding of what potentials may be found with this new aspect of yourself now clearly coming to your conscious awareness.  Free you here in all ways; milk your new thoughts and ideas as if they were flowing liquid gold.  Waste not or take for granted this process of newness as in any new revelation there are infinite gifts to be found and developed, then shared.  Yes, here is your grandest gift of all, all that comes forth new for you is not just for you alone.  Any gifted enlightened revelation of new understanding or development comes forth as a shared manifestation.  Each one is meant to be exchanged with those whom you find attracted to your new found newness or to those you may meet along the way forward and into your future, those who may be in need of exactly what you have been given to offer and share.

Realize you are the designator of “what-is-what” and always know you are not meant to burden yourself with a heavy load of new found discoveries.  Abundance is always meant to be flowed, one way or another, whether you keep, discards or share, you will know what is necessary here to keep your load balanced and light.  Just remain mindful of all that surrounds you at any given moment in time and that you will never lack in anything.  You will find that there is always something new about you, being flowed through you, to do as you decide for you and all concerned.

2 thoughts on “There’s Always Something New About You

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