Monthly Archives: August 2011

Being Consciously Aware of Our Power

Incredible, magnificent, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, beyond measure…how would you describe your powers within you dear ones?  Do you recognize what it is you are observing as you are asked this question?  Does it take a lot of thought to describe what you know as your power or are you able to immediately sense it and put into words what you know as your undeniable Truth?  Do you relate your power to your own vessel or do you feel a need to be a part of a group in order to feel and openly exert it?   Gather your strength and courage here and begin to focus on what it is you are doing with this valuable resource.  There is no right or wrong definitions to what comes forward here for you coming into your power.  It is in your experiences as you move forward, all that will bring you understanding of what your power means for you dear ones.  What one may see as “much” or “great” power, another may see as “little” or “no” power, you are the one to determine this.  You are the one to place your own judgment upon yourself to see great worth and value, or to see little or no worth and value.  Here you are either flowing and using your power effectively, or you are depleting and diminishing yourself by giving your power away without replenishment.

What does this mean to give your power away?  When one is in their power they are centered, balanced and confident, all is in integrity and they are firm in who they are, in their purpose for being and in their delivery of their Truth.  As one begins to entertain doubt in their self or begins to believe in the untruths of their illusions, whether they are imposed or learned, they will then begin to use their power to manipulate others or their own situation.  They will demand from, or exert control over, others rather than trust, creating an excessive use of their power which eventually leaves them frustrated, resentful and angry.  Power is a grand force and when used in alignment to Truth, Light and love, one will beat any odds every time.  The odds presented here are of remaining at a High and growing vibration, flowing peacefully, joyfully and with serenity vs. falling into moodiness, anger, depression or despair.  Power as it is used in any situation or challenge is then constantly and consistently renewed and revitalized, all within the one “you”.  Thus you dear ones are then able to rise above any challenge or opposition while remaining in your own powerful way of creating a beautiful world in which to live in.


Fueling Our Source of Power

Prepare yourself to receive, sensitize.  Where does your resistance lie?  Dig deep now like an expert excavator.  One must first reveal what resources are available now to tap into.  Access-ability to the contents within is what is needed now.  Once understood what it is you are fueling one can then provide the proper nourishment that will revitalize the Source of what is now ready to be utilized.  Expand your boundaries and limitations here; there is a need to become familiar with what is freely flowing inside, as well as all that surrounds you now.  Distinguish between old and new, outdated and reformed.  Once realized what can be useful and worthy for fueling it is then you are able to remove all resistance to allowing your Source of power its fullness in coming-to-be.

Power cannot be measured if there is not fuel to keep it smoothly running, no fuel no power.  Yet also realize that the quality and integrity of what is used as Source fuel will also have a great effect on the overall outcome, or output, of your power, not just “any-old” fuel will do.  As you can understand love, joy and gratitude as fuel verses hatred, despair or jealousy will each bring a different outcome.  Allowing your fuel to run on high without replenishing its Source will eventually leave you empty and unable to tap into any type of power, as the energy to make the connection will no longer exist.  It is key to be consistent and not overlook any details to your viability in fueling your Source of power; you are your own caretaker.  Yet know you can work with others to elevate your Source of power while helping them elevate theirs.

Fuel is a matter of the mind, heart and Spirit working together in cooperation with each other.  You cannot have one part of the self fueled while another part lays in stagnation or death.  An overall concern on your part is necessary to tend to all parts of your being to be fueled, as then the main Source of power will remain in a balanced state mind, heart and Spirit.  Be aware of your needs on all levels and you most certainly will be able to tap into the fuel needed or necessary, to keep your Source of power in tip-top shape and running full speed ahead.