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Mirroring “Unconditional”

We are all in need, at one time or another, of an others’ assistance in kindness, generosity, or just open loving gestures like “please” and “thank you”.  We are all capable to be present for each other; anyone’s availability is a choice.  We are all in a place that has others around us, who would not only be willing to show up for us, but would be honored to give us so much more than we are even asking for.  All gestures of open service and extended kindness become our mirror of opportunity.  Once we are given the gift of an others’ kindness’ or generosity we are always left with an impression, or understanding, of how we may mirror that for someone else in need.  Not everyone will ask for assistance or help.  Thus, it is up to us to pay attention to each other, to our possible needs or unsaid desires, and to take the time to discern if there might be something we can do, or would like to share, with this one we sense may need what we may have to give.  Even as we mirror love and kindness, we are giving a gift to any others who are witnessing our extended service of assistance.  What a great gift that just keeps on giving.

As we mirror our Truth to another, know it is here that we will also see our self in “that” mirror, as their mirror reflects back at us all that we truly are.  We will only see the Truth by looking in “that” mirror with our eyes wide open, and while fully accepting all that we see as a reflection of the Truth in that moment of time.  This will also be for those that mirror our thoughts and attitudes.  If we are willing to judge or criticize another, it is our self that we are judging or criticizing first, as those that we view are simply a mirror of Truth, Truth we will only see if we are willing to accept their gift of mirroring back to us what it is we needed to know, or see, in our self.  A mirror is Light therefore, with Light, there cannot be darkness.  Here you can always rest assured that whatever is mirrored back to you can only bring you a gift.  And, with that gift comes more Light in which to see the many treasures always coming forth in the mirror.

Being the Mirror for Each Other

Show up and pay attention…what is your role in the situation you are now facing or experiencing?  Where is your focus?  Are you considerate of all those that are around you or that may be connected to whatever is being experienced at this time?  Take a panoramic view of everything going on.  A broad version and perspective will help you come to understand your role in all that is now unfolding, or coming forward, to now be experienced.  Awaken to what you are sensing here.  Allow your senses to be filtered through your heart, through love, and thus the Truth shall be revealed of the deeper aspects going on within all the elements of this situation.  Don’t run from the Truth here.  Don’t deny yourself or any others present here the Truth in your findings, or the Truth in your feelings as you are drawing the wisdom from your own experience, that needs to be expressed and shared.   This is not the time to be silent or to shy away from saying your thoughts or feelings, on what-is-what, in your version of the Truth.

“Playing small” now does not serve any of those who have come forward to be in this situation, or experience, with you.  Give them all that you have got to give from your own sentiment and valuable integrity of the Truth, coming forth for all concerned.  These are precious times, precious moments in time that are of their own creation in the draw to all who have answered the call, to come forward and to share their gifted “knowing” and experience.  Why would you hold back here?  What may have you bound that keeps you from coming forward “all the way” and believing that what you have to offer is not worthy or valuable to any other person (or Soul) present in this experience?  To hold back is no different than to run away from this time of sharing and Soul exchange.

Step up to your response-ability here, to show up at this very moment in time.  And, as you look around at each being present, at all that is physically seen (even unseen) and present here, come to accept your call to be present for all that are waiting here for you to partake in your part of this experience or situation, now unfolding.  There will be no other like it; you cannot recreate another experience like the one you are faced with now.  And, as all others come forward to join you while fully exposing and expressing their Truth, you must do the same.  If there are some who hold back or will not expose or express their Truth here then be their Light, their role model of Truth in what this all means to show up fully in Light and love, and to serve the Highest and Best of all present in this amazing experience now unfolding.

There will not be any other opportunity to do so this way, as each experience or situation has its own unique creators and energies to be shared.  Purely allow it all to flow as you reveal your piece of this grand puzzle coming together.

The Acceptance of Extraordinary

Full speed ahead, no need to question forward movement unless something comes forward that is questionable.  Accelerate and keep merging into new traffic, new paths, new sights, new people and new experiences.  There’s no need for fear or worry of what lies ahead, as it will only be perfect.  Your faith in your abilities to navigate your way under any circumstances is all that is needed from you now.  Remove the thoughts of past experiences that led you into hard times or tangled confusion.  What happened in the past is left in the past, no need to carry any worry, fear, or anxiety forward into what is new and now unfolding for you.

Never stop believing in who you are, in your preparedness for what is now ready for you to step into.  You will always know what you need to know when you need to know it; it is just a matter of honoring that knowing to the best of your ability, as you are always being guided to what is Highest and Best for you.  If you find obstacles or obstructions upon your path do not be concerned or think it’s impossible to continue on your way.  Stop and assess if necessary, go within and check the guidance of your intuition as it will assist you in your new choices, for new action.  A temporary detour may be necessary or a sharp turn, one way or the other, may also be called for.  Realize once any decisions or choices are made; begin from that point-of-reference, to move forward once again.  Even if you may have a few more bumps or obstacles you can still continue on in progress while assessing for clear decisions and choices, in where you feel you need to be.

Do not hesitate to change your route at any time. If you find a new adventure calling you, and you feel you must answer that call, then you must feel free to do what is needed to make that new side journey in the route you are presently on.  Do not be concerned if once you have wandered off any regular route that you must get back on that same route, when you have completed your side adventure.  Sometimes a whole new route unfolds as all elements of your journey begin to adapt to the new changes you are now making.  A glorious journey is one where you feel the freedom of your travels and are able to embrace all that there is to experience along the way, without any concerns of validity.  Judgment or criticism will only create a heaviness in your forward movement and create more doubt and fear, choking your decision making process.

Believe in who you are, as in your worth and value to what is calling you forth now, and never think twice about what “was”, as what is now ready for you needs your full focus and joyous loving energy to be fully engaged in all that is now unfolding.  It’s the only way to know the extraordinary and the unknown, simply move along and assess as you go, open, flexible, objective and wide-awake to the abundance that surrounds you now.

Recognizing Re-Routing Opportunities

Remove the fear of what lies ahead, your travels upon your amazing life path will always take you right where you need to go.  Your inner compass will guide you perfectly, if you just stop and tune-in to what it’s telling you, through your tuned-in senses.  Are you concerned there may be construction or obstacles ahead?  Most travels will entail some kind of detour, one way or the other, some more extensive than others.  Yet realize, here lays the opportunities to take a new direction on a new path.  Most detours will pull you off course, yet bring you right back on to the same path you were already traveling.  Would it not be a consideration to explore a whole new path at this time?  Sometimes you have very little choice but to take a whole new route.  It’s as if fate has already pre-planned the notion that it is time for a great transition or change for you, without your consultation.

In Truth, any change has been created or constructed by you, as you are the creator of your future, by what you desire to manifest through your own dreams and visions.  Here, as you work with the elements that seem to be coming forward without you knowing, you will begin to see their validity in what is now ready for you to step into.  The key here is, you need to get from your starting point to your destination and thus, there is a journey in-between.  As you move along your path you will find those deep inner nudges pulling at you or drawing you one way or the other, toward new people, new places, or new experiences you have not considered before.  This pulling and tugging can become as strong as to create fear of what is happening, or where you are being led.  “Is this the right way to go”?  “Are the people around me good for me”?  In this fear and discomfort of unknowns you may find yourself wanting to turn back around, or simply just freeze in your tracks.

In Truth, there is no turning back if you are to make any progress in your situation, and freezing in fear will only leave you paralyzed with more fear from non-movement.  Here is where you are simply being asked, “What is it that you want for your life now and where is it you’d like to see yourself go, be or experience now”?  A perfect opportunity for re-routing your path and choosing something new, or simply retreat in your strength and knowing, that you would like to plan a new route for your life to move forward upon.  You are always in charge even when it seems you are standing in the midst of chaos, confusion and uncertainty.  Just begin, somewhere, anywhere.  Take that first step forward knowing you will be lovingly guided by your inner strength and compass, and that you will make progress because of your determination to find that right path or route for you, to take you perfectly to the dreams and visions you so clearly feel are your Truth, at this point now in your life.

Never fear a detour.  Never worry if your GPS was left behind.  You are fully equipped to see yourself through to what you know calls you forth now, no hesitation.  Just step right on in and know if you need to take any sharp turns you are fully prepared to do so.  Embrace the extraordinary opportunities of re-routing as they come, because as sure as the sun rises in the East, there will always be the amazing new changes waiting for you somewhere up ahead.


Start with the reception levels, what is it you are receiving or connecting to?  Does one think of what someone is going to say before they even get a chance to open their mouth?  Maybe, at times this may be the case?  Yet what if you are in a flowing conversation with someone, are you thinking about what they are going to say or are you just listening to what they are saying?  Even as you may be listening to what they are saying you may already be formulating what it is you want to say, thus only receiving less than what it is they are fully saying.  Here’s where one can fall into the distraction of misinterpretation of what is being said and of holding back what might have been said if you had paid full attention to the complete communication experience.  Here one becomes eluded by only hearing part truths of what is attempting to be said and thus begins to form judgments, or biases, in what their response might be.  One might begin to interpret the information from a narrow view thus their response will be edited in order to fit that view, or to make their point, in regard to this jaded understanding.  One may also decide to hold back or not respond at all because they are uncertain of the effects of their response.  Yet, if they only had grasped the total meaning by fully listening and engaging in the complete communication process, they would find their response to be very appropriate and necessary indeed.

As words related to thoughts, of any kind, begin to formulate in one’s mind immediately the mind begins to sort and regulate what-is-what.  “Are they good”, “are they appropriate”, “do I need them”, “do I need to do something with them”?  Yet, if the mind is clear and one is in their full present or now moment, and fully flowing what is coming into their mind, they most likely will open up and allow the communication process to simply take place, as words/thoughts come in, words/thoughts are shared or revealed.  Here one is not over thinking or dwelling on appropriateness or accuracy.  Here they will just allow their process in communications to flow freely as they simply trust all is operating in a perfect way.  Here one is allowing their self to just be who they are, no holding back, no pre-editing, no pretense or control.  One will just simply say what they feel and need to say without a second thought as to what that should or shouldn’t be  One becomes the vessel or pure channel for their thought flow, and in full trust of that flow, to be and operate in its own perfect way.

 Emotions will also have a deep affect on this process.  Thus, if one is centered and balanced while simply allowing their thought/word flow to be simply flowing, without strict monitoring, it is here that, even if emotions become extreme, one is able to automatically find a new balance to re-center their thought/idea flow, and while still saying what they need to say.   Simply get out of your own way here while staying in your now moment.  You will not only know exactly what needs to be said but will remove all inhibitions or obstacles to the perfect delivery of your words.  “Just say it” and move on to what is then next to be experienced in that new moment of Truth.

Just Say What You Need to Say

No hesitation, no resistance, no editing your words now, it is time to fully express what it is you are feeling inside.  Allow yourself to be open to the full affects of all that has come to Light within, so that what is deeply felt may now see the Light of day, in all its fullness and glory of its Truth.  Now, it is time to now embrace your gift of speech, as there is one who needs to hear the words from you, by you, and no one else.  Whatever  you are feeling that may be holding you back here in anyway, remove it now, as there is no need for half truth’s or partial deliveries; the message would not have the same overall effect.  It must be done with the right intention, to only come from your heart and Soul, which is only love, as any words delivered in love shall only be received in love, without any interference.  Here you can trust that trusting in love will now allow you free flowing delivery, without the interference of doubting questions or lower-negative thoughts of fear and worry.

It is time to trust your every delivery of your words as, even if there is resistance from the one to receive the words, you may both still learn from the experience.  Any communication exchange will open new avenues for more communication possibilities and new learning experiences.  You cannot do this wrong dear ones, your voice is “your voice”.  There is only one “you” and you are the only one to say what “you” need or must say.  No one can say it like you can, it is why the formulated words came into your head, and not anyone else, to be expressed.  The Truth of your words radiates out and extends their vibration into the “Whole”, the “all” that are near and even those not so near.  Any connection will resonate with your voice as the Souls know the importance in what is being sent and received.  There will always be one who needs to receive.  Keep your faith in your importance here and validate your worthiness by speaking up now.

Yes, there are times to listen.  Yes, there are times to be silent.  Yet, there are also times to speak, to express and to share what it is you know is now needed and necessary to come forth by you.  These are the precious moments you can never get back if you let them just fly by, unaccounted for as your response-ability, to say what you need say.  Do not deny yourself or your life path this necessity of communicated words and thought.  Unplug all stops in your voice channel now and speak up now, or forever hold your peace that can only be found by fully expressing your Truth, in any situation you deem fortuitous.

Just do it, now, and feel the freedom again of the new next moment that will open up new avenues, for more new moments, that are waiting to be delivered and expressed by you.

The Innocence of Your Wisdom

Remove the pretense, the masks, and the standard roles and labels you frame your life in.  Your response to the call to step forward upon your path is one that requires you only showing up, as you are, in that moment in time.  Receive the call and answer the call that is all, just come as you are.  Preparations have already been made by you, for you, long before this point in you stepping forward.  Realize here each step you take brings an experience to your journey.  Each step you take in experiencing your life brings expertise from that experience.  As you come to realize and recognize your own value and worth, in your own expertise drawn from your experiences, you then come to know your wisdom that has been gained from such expertise.

Wisdom is the understanding gained through the heart’s filtering.  As one filters their experience or expertise through the eyes of love they can then come to realize the value and worth of their new understanding gained along the way.  One can look at all circumstances and situations with a view or perspective that everything has come from a perfect scenario, and that everything coming forward now as “wisdom of the heart” can be trusted, without any concern of doubts or fears.  The response to any situation or experience, as one travels further and further down their path of growth and maturity, will now be one that is centered, balanced and able to fully receive all the benefits of their life experience and lessons being offered.  No more struggling, no more resistance, maturity brings the ability to respond to any situation in a natural, open, flexible and sincere way.  One realizes they are no longer in competition with their life circumstances and instead they are only seeing each challenge as an opportunity to create what is now ready to come forward in its usefulness and purpose.  The anger stops, the resentments no longer exist, there is only wisdom and a loving open heart ready to flow more understanding and knowing through its filters of love and trust.  Reaching out now beyond our comfort zones become effortless, no questions asked.

A very simple process is allowed as simplicity becomes a key element in one responding in their maturity.  Maturity allows life to move forward without a tight grip or strain on “the reigns”.  Choices and decisions become built around basic fundamentals and a broader base or vision, which includes the “whole”, as in “all concerned”.  This enables the depth of their wisdom to be retrieved along with the level of their wisdom to now be flowed and processed in a substantial manner.  Looking beyond all the elements that one must encounter along their journey or path becomes the way of responding now as one can see the light with clarity in all that they encounter, and with great gratitude and honor abide to their own individual way to walk their path and journey home.

There is confidence in their response to their call to step forward as they carry their knowing and wisdom with integrity in their readiness to keep moving forward in progress, growth and evolving maturity, “no strings attached”; a beautiful unfolding and natural process of responding to life’s events and experiences with a harmonious, joyful, and happy heart.

Knowing How to Respond…The Proper Approach

Analysis, paralysis…what is maturity?  Maturity is a consciousness, a Higher level of understanding and processing of life events and situations.  As one grows, learns and evolves, new choices and new pathways begin to appear.  Old ways of thinking, or processing your surroundings or experiences, begin to fade away and one finds their self seeing their life events and situations through different eyes, along with processing these life events through new found wisdom.  One is now able to reach deep within their own being and tap into their newly integrated wisdom, or tap into their inherent wisdom brought from past lifetimes.  All that can be accessed is now accessible from the practice of knowing how to retrieve such “know-how”, experience/expertise, or “wisdom of the heart”.

The key factor in defining ones maturity is reliant on one’s ability to trust.  As one evolves over time and establishes certain criteria for moving forward and into new levels, they will also be defining their “code of trust”, or level of trust.  Even as life experiences may create severe tests of trust one may still come forward without losing their previous established trust.  Here, while still coming to a new Higher level of trust, one breaks all the barriers to their compromised trust, transcending to a new understanding of what is now necessary for trust to be in this Higher state, or working level.

Responding to any situation is a choice one makes; how they respond or will they respond (or react).  In either choice the response will have a deep overall effect on any situation or experience.  One who is flowing in their trust, with “wisdom of the heart”, will certainly respond in a balanced and response-able manner.  They know moderation is a key aspect in a proper approach to any situation, as any extreme may create chaos or entanglements with negative oppositions.  One who knows their heart and what is true and authentic for their well-being and need to keep trust flowing actively, without any resistance or inhibitions, will find their way easily through any life situations or events.  They are able to freely process what is their best response to any occasion or situation without engaging, or connecting to, unhealthy extremes or distractions.  This easy flow comes with practice and maturity, practice in paying attention to details while realizing your potentials for different response to your situations, and maturity in trusting your responses are the right choices for you at the time they are made.

Maturity is all a learning experience, which is what your life is.  Having fun with this, along with fueling a happy heart with love and joy, keeps this all moving in the right direction every time.  Do not second-guess yourself here, find the trust that runs strong and deep within your being and courageously allow every step into your future to be one that you respond with a happy open heart, loving your life and knowing consciously that you are growing, learning and evolving just perfectly.  It is a natural process and your response to each life event and experience is a natural response.  Trust this with all your heart and you will fuel your maturity in your greatness of all that you are meant to be, right here and now, and into your amazing bright future now unfolding.

Take Your Time to Choose Wisely

Stop if you are unsure dear ones, stop if you are uncertain and feel a struggle going on within.  Stop and retreat, step back out of your head and feel with your senses, with love for yourself and who you are, right here and now.  Decisions never have a time-table, even when you are told you must decide right now.  Choices are vast and options are always available in abundance yet none of these choices or options can be accessed if one is in confusion, chaos or struggling to control what seems to be demanding their attention and choice-making at this time.  Stop all your mind chatter and find the quiet space to retreat into your inner-self, into your core Truth, or into your own knowing of what feels right and good for you.

This is the time to now nurture you. This is a time of growth, thus, you are in unfamiliar territory.  You are now in a perfect space to explore and adventure into what is calling to you now.  A perfect place for new discovery, of new choices and new options that are more in alignment to where, and who, you are now.  The mind is usually the last to acknowledge your new where-bouts thus it creates a resistance to what is being sensed and offered by the rest of your being.  Resistance can paralyze action if one does not stop to re-balance and allow the mind to be liberated of its natural need to control what is being presented.  Release yourself by letting go of the old mind-thoughts, if just for a short term, to allow new information and understanding to be brought to Light.

What is the rush dear ones?  Why do you think that acting hasty means you will not miss an opportunity?  This is all an illusion of mind games and manipulation.  Relax first, let yourself take a step back and remove the old boundaries and the old behaviors that have been imposed upon you.  Remove the old fears of what-is-what and fully be present in which you are right now, today, whole and completely able to open and listen to newly exposed, accessible, understandable information.  You see, until the access is made changes can only be made through toil and labor.  Yet, once you “stop” and re-align to what is newly accessible you are then freed to jump right in to the flow of nurturing well-being and joyous growth.

“Stop” does not mean missing out.  “Stop” does not mean losing ground.  “Stop” does not mean never succeeding, on the contrary.  Here one will fully open to all that is accessible, and available, to fulfill that which they are sensing to be discovered, in that which is being desired and newly created.  Get out of your own way here and free the mind to expand with your hearts call to discovering the unfolding unknowns, and together, heart, mind and action can work synergistic to bring you into alignment once again with the abundant blessings waiting to be accessed and received.  Life is an open invitation to live!