Take Your Time to Choose Wisely

Stop if you are unsure dear ones, stop if you are uncertain and feel a struggle going on within.  Stop and retreat, step back out of your head and feel with your senses, with love for yourself and who you are, right here and now.  Decisions never have a time-table, even when you are told you must decide right now.  Choices are vast and options are always available in abundance yet none of these choices or options can be accessed if one is in confusion, chaos or struggling to control what seems to be demanding their attention and choice-making at this time.  Stop all your mind chatter and find the quiet space to retreat into your inner-self, into your core Truth, or into your own knowing of what feels right and good for you.

This is the time to now nurture you. This is a time of growth, thus, you are in unfamiliar territory.  You are now in a perfect space to explore and adventure into what is calling to you now.  A perfect place for new discovery, of new choices and new options that are more in alignment to where, and who, you are now.  The mind is usually the last to acknowledge your new where-bouts thus it creates a resistance to what is being sensed and offered by the rest of your being.  Resistance can paralyze action if one does not stop to re-balance and allow the mind to be liberated of its natural need to control what is being presented.  Release yourself by letting go of the old mind-thoughts, if just for a short term, to allow new information and understanding to be brought to Light.

What is the rush dear ones?  Why do you think that acting hasty means you will not miss an opportunity?  This is all an illusion of mind games and manipulation.  Relax first, let yourself take a step back and remove the old boundaries and the old behaviors that have been imposed upon you.  Remove the old fears of what-is-what and fully be present in which you are right now, today, whole and completely able to open and listen to newly exposed, accessible, understandable information.  You see, until the access is made changes can only be made through toil and labor.  Yet, once you “stop” and re-align to what is newly accessible you are then freed to jump right in to the flow of nurturing well-being and joyous growth.

“Stop” does not mean missing out.  “Stop” does not mean losing ground.  “Stop” does not mean never succeeding, on the contrary.  Here one will fully open to all that is accessible, and available, to fulfill that which they are sensing to be discovered, in that which is being desired and newly created.  Get out of your own way here and free the mind to expand with your hearts call to discovering the unfolding unknowns, and together, heart, mind and action can work synergistic to bring you into alignment once again with the abundant blessings waiting to be accessed and received.  Life is an open invitation to live!

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