The Innocence of Your Wisdom

Remove the pretense, the masks, and the standard roles and labels you frame your life in.  Your response to the call to step forward upon your path is one that requires you only showing up, as you are, in that moment in time.  Receive the call and answer the call that is all, just come as you are.  Preparations have already been made by you, for you, long before this point in you stepping forward.  Realize here each step you take brings an experience to your journey.  Each step you take in experiencing your life brings expertise from that experience.  As you come to realize and recognize your own value and worth, in your own expertise drawn from your experiences, you then come to know your wisdom that has been gained from such expertise.

Wisdom is the understanding gained through the heart’s filtering.  As one filters their experience or expertise through the eyes of love they can then come to realize the value and worth of their new understanding gained along the way.  One can look at all circumstances and situations with a view or perspective that everything has come from a perfect scenario, and that everything coming forward now as “wisdom of the heart” can be trusted, without any concern of doubts or fears.  The response to any situation or experience, as one travels further and further down their path of growth and maturity, will now be one that is centered, balanced and able to fully receive all the benefits of their life experience and lessons being offered.  No more struggling, no more resistance, maturity brings the ability to respond to any situation in a natural, open, flexible and sincere way.  One realizes they are no longer in competition with their life circumstances and instead they are only seeing each challenge as an opportunity to create what is now ready to come forward in its usefulness and purpose.  The anger stops, the resentments no longer exist, there is only wisdom and a loving open heart ready to flow more understanding and knowing through its filters of love and trust.  Reaching out now beyond our comfort zones become effortless, no questions asked.

A very simple process is allowed as simplicity becomes a key element in one responding in their maturity.  Maturity allows life to move forward without a tight grip or strain on “the reigns”.  Choices and decisions become built around basic fundamentals and a broader base or vision, which includes the “whole”, as in “all concerned”.  This enables the depth of their wisdom to be retrieved along with the level of their wisdom to now be flowed and processed in a substantial manner.  Looking beyond all the elements that one must encounter along their journey or path becomes the way of responding now as one can see the light with clarity in all that they encounter, and with great gratitude and honor abide to their own individual way to walk their path and journey home.

There is confidence in their response to their call to step forward as they carry their knowing and wisdom with integrity in their readiness to keep moving forward in progress, growth and evolving maturity, “no strings attached”; a beautiful unfolding and natural process of responding to life’s events and experiences with a harmonious, joyful, and happy heart.

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