Just Say What You Need to Say

No hesitation, no resistance, no editing your words now, it is time to fully express what it is you are feeling inside.  Allow yourself to be open to the full affects of all that has come to Light within, so that what is deeply felt may now see the Light of day, in all its fullness and glory of its Truth.  Now, it is time to now embrace your gift of speech, as there is one who needs to hear the words from you, by you, and no one else.  Whatever  you are feeling that may be holding you back here in anyway, remove it now, as there is no need for half truth’s or partial deliveries; the message would not have the same overall effect.  It must be done with the right intention, to only come from your heart and Soul, which is only love, as any words delivered in love shall only be received in love, without any interference.  Here you can trust that trusting in love will now allow you free flowing delivery, without the interference of doubting questions or lower-negative thoughts of fear and worry.

It is time to trust your every delivery of your words as, even if there is resistance from the one to receive the words, you may both still learn from the experience.  Any communication exchange will open new avenues for more communication possibilities and new learning experiences.  You cannot do this wrong dear ones, your voice is “your voice”.  There is only one “you” and you are the only one to say what “you” need or must say.  No one can say it like you can, it is why the formulated words came into your head, and not anyone else, to be expressed.  The Truth of your words radiates out and extends their vibration into the “Whole”, the “all” that are near and even those not so near.  Any connection will resonate with your voice as the Souls know the importance in what is being sent and received.  There will always be one who needs to receive.  Keep your faith in your importance here and validate your worthiness by speaking up now.

Yes, there are times to listen.  Yes, there are times to be silent.  Yet, there are also times to speak, to express and to share what it is you know is now needed and necessary to come forth by you.  These are the precious moments you can never get back if you let them just fly by, unaccounted for as your response-ability, to say what you need say.  Do not deny yourself or your life path this necessity of communicated words and thought.  Unplug all stops in your voice channel now and speak up now, or forever hold your peace that can only be found by fully expressing your Truth, in any situation you deem fortuitous.

Just do it, now, and feel the freedom again of the new next moment that will open up new avenues, for more new moments, that are waiting to be delivered and expressed by you.

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