Start with the reception levels, what is it you are receiving or connecting to?  Does one think of what someone is going to say before they even get a chance to open their mouth?  Maybe, at times this may be the case?  Yet what if you are in a flowing conversation with someone, are you thinking about what they are going to say or are you just listening to what they are saying?  Even as you may be listening to what they are saying you may already be formulating what it is you want to say, thus only receiving less than what it is they are fully saying.  Here’s where one can fall into the distraction of misinterpretation of what is being said and of holding back what might have been said if you had paid full attention to the complete communication experience.  Here one becomes eluded by only hearing part truths of what is attempting to be said and thus begins to form judgments, or biases, in what their response might be.  One might begin to interpret the information from a narrow view thus their response will be edited in order to fit that view, or to make their point, in regard to this jaded understanding.  One may also decide to hold back or not respond at all because they are uncertain of the effects of their response.  Yet, if they only had grasped the total meaning by fully listening and engaging in the complete communication process, they would find their response to be very appropriate and necessary indeed.

As words related to thoughts, of any kind, begin to formulate in one’s mind immediately the mind begins to sort and regulate what-is-what.  “Are they good”, “are they appropriate”, “do I need them”, “do I need to do something with them”?  Yet, if the mind is clear and one is in their full present or now moment, and fully flowing what is coming into their mind, they most likely will open up and allow the communication process to simply take place, as words/thoughts come in, words/thoughts are shared or revealed.  Here one is not over thinking or dwelling on appropriateness or accuracy.  Here they will just allow their process in communications to flow freely as they simply trust all is operating in a perfect way.  Here one is allowing their self to just be who they are, no holding back, no pre-editing, no pretense or control.  One will just simply say what they feel and need to say without a second thought as to what that should or shouldn’t be  One becomes the vessel or pure channel for their thought flow, and in full trust of that flow, to be and operate in its own perfect way.

 Emotions will also have a deep affect on this process.  Thus, if one is centered and balanced while simply allowing their thought/word flow to be simply flowing, without strict monitoring, it is here that, even if emotions become extreme, one is able to automatically find a new balance to re-center their thought/idea flow, and while still saying what they need to say.   Simply get out of your own way here while staying in your now moment.  You will not only know exactly what needs to be said but will remove all inhibitions or obstacles to the perfect delivery of your words.  “Just say it” and move on to what is then next to be experienced in that new moment of Truth.

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