Recognizing Re-Routing Opportunities

Remove the fear of what lies ahead, your travels upon your amazing life path will always take you right where you need to go.  Your inner compass will guide you perfectly, if you just stop and tune-in to what it’s telling you, through your tuned-in senses.  Are you concerned there may be construction or obstacles ahead?  Most travels will entail some kind of detour, one way or the other, some more extensive than others.  Yet realize, here lays the opportunities to take a new direction on a new path.  Most detours will pull you off course, yet bring you right back on to the same path you were already traveling.  Would it not be a consideration to explore a whole new path at this time?  Sometimes you have very little choice but to take a whole new route.  It’s as if fate has already pre-planned the notion that it is time for a great transition or change for you, without your consultation.

In Truth, any change has been created or constructed by you, as you are the creator of your future, by what you desire to manifest through your own dreams and visions.  Here, as you work with the elements that seem to be coming forward without you knowing, you will begin to see their validity in what is now ready for you to step into.  The key here is, you need to get from your starting point to your destination and thus, there is a journey in-between.  As you move along your path you will find those deep inner nudges pulling at you or drawing you one way or the other, toward new people, new places, or new experiences you have not considered before.  This pulling and tugging can become as strong as to create fear of what is happening, or where you are being led.  “Is this the right way to go”?  “Are the people around me good for me”?  In this fear and discomfort of unknowns you may find yourself wanting to turn back around, or simply just freeze in your tracks.

In Truth, there is no turning back if you are to make any progress in your situation, and freezing in fear will only leave you paralyzed with more fear from non-movement.  Here is where you are simply being asked, “What is it that you want for your life now and where is it you’d like to see yourself go, be or experience now”?  A perfect opportunity for re-routing your path and choosing something new, or simply retreat in your strength and knowing, that you would like to plan a new route for your life to move forward upon.  You are always in charge even when it seems you are standing in the midst of chaos, confusion and uncertainty.  Just begin, somewhere, anywhere.  Take that first step forward knowing you will be lovingly guided by your inner strength and compass, and that you will make progress because of your determination to find that right path or route for you, to take you perfectly to the dreams and visions you so clearly feel are your Truth, at this point now in your life.

Never fear a detour.  Never worry if your GPS was left behind.  You are fully equipped to see yourself through to what you know calls you forth now, no hesitation.  Just step right on in and know if you need to take any sharp turns you are fully prepared to do so.  Embrace the extraordinary opportunities of re-routing as they come, because as sure as the sun rises in the East, there will always be the amazing new changes waiting for you somewhere up ahead.

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