The Acceptance of Extraordinary

Full speed ahead, no need to question forward movement unless something comes forward that is questionable.  Accelerate and keep merging into new traffic, new paths, new sights, new people and new experiences.  There’s no need for fear or worry of what lies ahead, as it will only be perfect.  Your faith in your abilities to navigate your way under any circumstances is all that is needed from you now.  Remove the thoughts of past experiences that led you into hard times or tangled confusion.  What happened in the past is left in the past, no need to carry any worry, fear, or anxiety forward into what is new and now unfolding for you.

Never stop believing in who you are, in your preparedness for what is now ready for you to step into.  You will always know what you need to know when you need to know it; it is just a matter of honoring that knowing to the best of your ability, as you are always being guided to what is Highest and Best for you.  If you find obstacles or obstructions upon your path do not be concerned or think it’s impossible to continue on your way.  Stop and assess if necessary, go within and check the guidance of your intuition as it will assist you in your new choices, for new action.  A temporary detour may be necessary or a sharp turn, one way or the other, may also be called for.  Realize once any decisions or choices are made; begin from that point-of-reference, to move forward once again.  Even if you may have a few more bumps or obstacles you can still continue on in progress while assessing for clear decisions and choices, in where you feel you need to be.

Do not hesitate to change your route at any time. If you find a new adventure calling you, and you feel you must answer that call, then you must feel free to do what is needed to make that new side journey in the route you are presently on.  Do not be concerned if once you have wandered off any regular route that you must get back on that same route, when you have completed your side adventure.  Sometimes a whole new route unfolds as all elements of your journey begin to adapt to the new changes you are now making.  A glorious journey is one where you feel the freedom of your travels and are able to embrace all that there is to experience along the way, without any concerns of validity.  Judgment or criticism will only create a heaviness in your forward movement and create more doubt and fear, choking your decision making process.

Believe in who you are, as in your worth and value to what is calling you forth now, and never think twice about what “was”, as what is now ready for you needs your full focus and joyous loving energy to be fully engaged in all that is now unfolding.  It’s the only way to know the extraordinary and the unknown, simply move along and assess as you go, open, flexible, objective and wide-awake to the abundance that surrounds you now.

3 thoughts on “The Acceptance of Extraordinary

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