Being the Mirror for Each Other

Show up and pay attention…what is your role in the situation you are now facing or experiencing?  Where is your focus?  Are you considerate of all those that are around you or that may be connected to whatever is being experienced at this time?  Take a panoramic view of everything going on.  A broad version and perspective will help you come to understand your role in all that is now unfolding, or coming forward, to now be experienced.  Awaken to what you are sensing here.  Allow your senses to be filtered through your heart, through love, and thus the Truth shall be revealed of the deeper aspects going on within all the elements of this situation.  Don’t run from the Truth here.  Don’t deny yourself or any others present here the Truth in your findings, or the Truth in your feelings as you are drawing the wisdom from your own experience, that needs to be expressed and shared.   This is not the time to be silent or to shy away from saying your thoughts or feelings, on what-is-what, in your version of the Truth.

“Playing small” now does not serve any of those who have come forward to be in this situation, or experience, with you.  Give them all that you have got to give from your own sentiment and valuable integrity of the Truth, coming forth for all concerned.  These are precious times, precious moments in time that are of their own creation in the draw to all who have answered the call, to come forward and to share their gifted “knowing” and experience.  Why would you hold back here?  What may have you bound that keeps you from coming forward “all the way” and believing that what you have to offer is not worthy or valuable to any other person (or Soul) present in this experience?  To hold back is no different than to run away from this time of sharing and Soul exchange.

Step up to your response-ability here, to show up at this very moment in time.  And, as you look around at each being present, at all that is physically seen (even unseen) and present here, come to accept your call to be present for all that are waiting here for you to partake in your part of this experience or situation, now unfolding.  There will be no other like it; you cannot recreate another experience like the one you are faced with now.  And, as all others come forward to join you while fully exposing and expressing their Truth, you must do the same.  If there are some who hold back or will not expose or express their Truth here then be their Light, their role model of Truth in what this all means to show up fully in Light and love, and to serve the Highest and Best of all present in this amazing experience now unfolding.

There will not be any other opportunity to do so this way, as each experience or situation has its own unique creators and energies to be shared.  Purely allow it all to flow as you reveal your piece of this grand puzzle coming together.

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