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A Perspective on Family

United we stand, divided we fall, coming together as a united group takes courage, love and cooperation.  The benefits of this merging and joining, of individuals and beings, will always outweigh any type of separation, or loneliness, caused by prejudice, judgment or lack of respect.  We are all made to share our lives, to share our gifts and talents, and to share our experiences as we harvest our wisdom.  What is it that we do, or feel, that would keep us separate from others whom we love or that we feel a need to be a part of?  How are we creating walls around ourselves to keep others out or to isolate ourselves from others who are reaching out to us?  What can we do to break the old mold of narrow definitions around our perspective of family and branch out, by reaching out, into new levels of what a family can mean for us, while sharing with all those we feel are a part of what we call our family?

It is clearly up to each one of us in how we define the unique group called “our family”.  What we perceive is what we will allow our self to experience.  Most would consider family to be those we share in a deep and loving relationship with, yet we know this is not always true.  If we are looking at the view of family from a biological, or legal, standpoint most of us would have individuals that do not fall into the category of loving and unconditional, yet still those individuals remain a part of our family because of DNA or marriage.  Clearly, just calling someone family does not automatically make them loving and unconditionally connected to us, and to everyone else in the group.  You can see there are many ways to look at how a family can be defined as each individual would have their own view, or perspective, of all the defining characteristics.

So what is the underlying foundation of all of this and around this concept, or perspective, of family?  Simply put, this foundation comes from each one of us, who we are, what we are offering and sharing.  Each one of us builds the foundation of this unique group called family.  From the smallest version of “immediate family” to the largest, grandest version called “the world”, to an even larger version called “the universe”, seen and unseen.  Yes, even those we may not realize like nature, our pets, or other worlds we are not privy to, all of these can be our family.  As we widen our perspective we are able to widen our response-ability to the foundation of this perspective.  The intricate benefits to all concerned become infinite as the love shared overrides all else being experienced at any point in time.

It is time to remove the walls that keep you imprisoned and dependent on finality or dead-ends, feelings of lack or powerlessness, and begin to join hands with those that are around you in creating a new foundation of a loving, caring and sharing family.  It is up to each one of us to create this simply by doing our part of stepping into our unique role in this loving and unique foundation of beings.

The Cycle of Fulfillment

Fill…then flow…allow yourself to empty, then fill again.  It’s all an easy simple cycle, at times moving quickly, and at other times feeling very slow.  No matter, it is serving a Divine purpose to bring you everything you need, and at all times will attempt to stay in a natural balance of filling and emptying.  What is the point in this discussion?  Simply put, there is a need to understand that no matter where you are right now, no matter what you are doing or not doing, have or don’t have, you are constantly going through this cycling of filling and emptying.  It becomes obvious then that there can be other factors that may affect this on-going cycle of filling and emptying.  It comes down to your own allowing, or resisting, the resulting affects of the cycling.

When one is in “emptying mode” you may feel fear or concern that things in your life are “falling apart” or “not working out correctly”.  You may feel lonely or afraid because you find the many people around you have either dropped away from your time and space or that you have decided to barricade yourself in your own space, to find alone and quiet time.  You may also find that your financial resources begin to dwindle or that your material possessions begin to shift in importance, as some fall away by you generously donating them or you simply clear clutter, by recycling and disposing in the trash.  All is a way to empty dear ones.  Even a long and intense cry will clear the way of all that has been toxic or no longer emotionally necessary, so that now the depth to your Soul/Core can be found and tapped into, in a whole new way.

Now, when one comes to “the filling” aspects, you might say “This is the good part and much easier to take on or experience than the emptying aspects of this cycling.”  Yet know, if one does not fill their being with healthy, loving, nurturing, nourishment they could still feel and experience a type of challenge or painful struggle, similar to the emptying process.  Filling ones’ self with what is now needed and necessary becomes a matter of listening and responding to what is coming forth to be needed by you, to follow through responsibly.  Your whole being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) will only take in what you feed and nourish it.  What you actually bring your being to be consumed or to be taken in; this is what you will be receiving.  You are the one to allow, or not allow, what is being offered for consumption or nourishment.  You are the one in charge with what you are filling your being with.

To be discerning may be a challenge since some choices are not as obvious as to whether they will be “good” for you or not.  Yet know dear ones, you will know simply by checking in with your “fine-tuned” senses and feelings whether what you are about to offer you is in the Highest and Best interest of your health and well-being.  Your reaction or response is usually a sign, of some kind, that will require you to further discern the Truth.  Yet here, more than likely you will just “Know” what’s “Right” and True for you.  Even if you decide to try something out of uncertainty it will not usually take long before you “Know” if it is what “Best” is for you at this time.

The cycle continues no matter what, filling and emptying, filling and emptying, always “to be continued”.  Knowing this allows you to remain tuned-in to what is needed, or necessary, for you right here and now.  If one can remain in their True present and “now” moments they will always be cued in on what is coming forward and what is needed, for them and by them.  From this point dear ones, listen to your heart and trust your instincts to guide you right where you need to be, to receive or to let go, and release.  As you follow through with this attention to your love-of-self and wellbeing, you will find your life to be “simply marvelous” at any point you are at in your cycle of fulfillment.

To Be Continued…Fulfillment

Rise and shine, set your priorities, first things first!  Let go of yesterday and don’t think about tomorrow, now is all there is and today is your day to shine!  Where are you looking?  Is your head held high and your eyes focused forward?  That’s right; the focus is where you will end up moving toward.  Your focus will set the pace and become your center of resourcefulness.  Tap in now to that place you sense is calling out for your attention, heart and Soul.  Once you have that focus, begin to broaden your outlook or perspective as your interpretation comes, not only from you physically seeing but, from all your senses that will help define what is now coming forward for you.

This is an on-going path; you are a traveling Soul, one who is on an individual journey in fulfillment of your destiny.  “Destiny?” you ask, “what is that?”  Destiny simply is your sacred path created and transcribed long before you came into this lifetime.  Your destiny is one which holds general concepts and definitions of what you may have wanted to learn, or experience, this lifetime.  Destiny is somewhat of a guideline for your path and purpose, as all elements around your destiny become ever-changing and remain flexible to the processes you will undergo, as you move along your “path of fulfillment” of this destiny.  This is why fulfillment is on-going or “to be continued”.

Destiny is not just a singular point in time or space.  Destiny is all-encompassing of your path and the experiences upon that path of learning, growing and evolving, which is your “path of fulfillment”, designed and created for you, by you.  This path also includes all those involved along the way, which now become a part of this “path of fulfillment”, or destiny.  Yes, this includes all those who have agreed to be there for you, or with you, as well as those you agreed to “show-up” for, at any point in time along your “path of fulfillment”.  All meetings are made in agreement long before you coming into this lifetime.  All meetings are Divinely orchestrated as many variables may create changes in who may or may not be available to come forward at that Divine Time.

Here are the lessons dear ones, fulfillment is about your destiny and destiny is all encompassing, including your path fulfillment and the many others that come in and out of your life as you travel upon your path and journey of fulfillment.  No matter whom you end up having an experience with along the way, trust that they have agreed to somehow be involved, and that there are no strangers on your journey, from a Souls’ View.  Fulfillment entails a Souls’ regard to “show up” and be present yet because you are in the human body, and the human body has a human mind which makes on-going choices, not all choices are privy to the clarity of destiny, as “free-will” and “ego” may cloud judgment or discernment of what is needed or necessary from you.  No matter what happens destiny will still find a way to be fulfilled, as there are many ways to play out any scenario.  Along the way certain factors that become part of destiny will come forward, whether you realize them or not.  Trust that you will know what you need to know every time as that is the “path of fulfillment”, it is always “to be continued” one way or another, as all experiences bring together their own unique variables for the outplay.

To Be or Not To Be…

Believing in the “extraordinary”?  How can one know what “extraordinary” is if “it” is different than anything they are used to?  How can one say what is true, or not true, if they don’t know what “it” is to begin with?  Why are we so quick to stop the flow of what is coming forth just because we don’t understand what is taking place?

What denotes “believable” for you?  Do you have a set definition or certain rules to follow?  Do you feel better having definitions and/or guidelines set up for what is acceptable, or not acceptable, to believe in?  What are you afraid of here when it comes to acceptance of “extraordinary” or “too good to be true”?  “It” is all in your perception at the time of the occasion or outplay of the situation.  Are you consistent with all situations as to what is acceptable and what is not?  Or, do you bend a little more for some situations than others?  If “it” has to do with emotions, the rules are x-y-z and if “it” has to do with money or material things the rules are a-b-c?

It’s time to stretch and extend on all levels dear ones, to reach out beyond those old “safety zones” and awaken new understanding of what your possibilities and potentials could be in the “believability of extraordinary” department.  Rest assured you will find a whole new set of rules and “norms” that, once you find safety and comfort in a broader definition of acceptability, you will then wonder what kept you away for so long from breaking free into this new ground of knowing and experiencing the “extraordinary”.  Nothing is “too” anything to be believable, as the one defining “believable” makes it so.  You are worth “it” dear ones, to know and experience anything you would call “exceptional” or “extraordinary”.  This level of output can be tapped into just as easily as “normal” or “average” levels.  “It” is all only a matter of your “to be” or “not to be” choice in believing “it” “to be” or “not to be” so.  So, as you know this what do you choose??

The “Too Good to Be True” Syndrome

Is it a battle between Spirit and the mind?  Is it an all-out war between what’s true or not true?  Or, is it a war between ego and the mind?  It is none of these dear ones, no worries here in defining this properly or improperly.  Do you see what is going on here?  What are you attempting to make your claim to?  What pre-notions are you setting up for yourself just in case the situation you are trying to define does not seem to go as expected?  This is a big piece of this noted dilemma of defining and deliberating called “expectancy”.  What you expect in any situation or experience will have an overall affect on that particular experience.  Yet, here one must understand that no matter what you may expect or not expect, the situation will still play out.  Even if both or all persons do not show up for the expected situation or scenario, there will still be an outcome from what was or does take place at that point in time.

There are many elements out of your reach or control, in any situation.  There are many variables that can take place, at any point in time, which can cause you to recreate your own thoughts of what you might expect, up until the time and place outplay occurs.  Nothing matters here but the exact time of what happens, when it happens.   Once outplay occurs it is here all persons involved can still come to their own understanding, or definition, of what actually occurred or transpired.  All persons will still have their own unique view or perspective on what is true, or correct, in the actual outplay or outcome.  It is here, at this point, that one can become challenged by what they feel, or sensed, happened or occurred.  It is here that judgment or criticism can make, or break, ones overall value or worth of their own experience, without any turning back to make changes they may seem to be necessary in order to fully accept “what was”, as it was.

Realize here your version or perspective is all that counts when it comes to you receiving the gift of your unique experience here.  Hearing what others see or feel, as “their take” on outplay, may only bring more confusion or judgment to you, leaving one to feel even more regretful or anxious on the matter at hand.  “Too good to be true” fits right into the “before”, “during” and “after” any experience you are holding hostage with your definitions or limited judgments.  What would create such a harsh expectation for one to feel they are unworthy of any experience that is brought forth to them?  All experiences hold a gift, as it is in the connection and learning that takes place between those involved.  Every experience becomes an opportunity to show-up and reveal the Truth at hand, Truth that is unique to each person or individual present and participating, Truth that can alter and change lives in such a unique way they would never have been able to learn and grow without this unique experience.

To say that all experiences are “too good to be true” may be the way to bring the Light to all experiences, as in Truth, outplay of any experience can only come to a Truth once the experience takes place.  Here, there is no denying Truth or non-truth, as what happened did happen, and that is the only Truth there is.  If you feel a war being waged dear ones, just throw in the white towel and surrender your loving heart to the value and worth of you being blessed to have the opportunity you are about to engage in.  Make it your best yet, give it your heart and Soul and, you can rest assured, it will be one grand “good to be true” experience now a part of you and your wisdom to be shared.  Now that’s what we are talking about here!

The Model of Love Knows No Boundaries

Reach out and extend your energetic boundaries, beyond any norm, and into the invisible realms around you.  There are all good reasons to now allow you this new availability to your time and space reality.  You are now ready to see and experience new definitions, of living and creating, which can only exist as one is fully open to a larger scale of opportunities and potentials now available.  One cannot be closed and narrow here.  Love has no boundaries thus, if one uses the model of love and all its elemental features, you will then know the “how’ to obtain this new status of extending yourself internally and externally.

Simply setting the intention would be a good start to stepping forward into what will outplay here for you.  Stretch and reach, then extend some more.  Remove the resistance; remove the idea of allowing suffering to be present.  If there’s pain from the growth or from the grieving of what is falling away simply go with it and allow it all to flow through you, as what comes forth can then be realized and released.  Once the water flows from your facet do you wonder where it goes, what sewer, or what river?  Hardly!  Pain is real yet pain can be moderated through your own will and intention to let it go and release it.  Once obstacles or inhibitions are removed one is able to take a deeper approach to their extension process, it does not have to happen overnight.  Yet, the more one works with their process and flow, they will come to an easy understanding of what is needed or necessary to keep reaching and extending out into their own unknown and new definitions of boundaries now available.  For any being to work through this process all will vary, as what is acceptable will come from each individual, their own willingness to reach and extend, and their own courage and strength to keep going in order to achieve their own best level of extension.

There are many ways here to not only work your way through your own process but, just as important, is “how” one will process their pain before, during, and even after intentions are set and the process is in motion.  Pain comes in many ways and forms, and on many levels, thus it is most important to not judge or criticizes any method of “how” this is accomplished, as to be free and spontaneous when approaching your pain will be important to the process of its realization and release.  The outplay here, in the full extension of your old boundaries to new unknowns, will take a variety of roads or paths yet the result will only exhibit the success of your efforts in your processing.  Any measuring and judging along the way simply creates more resistance while the only real needed guidance for you is your own on-going discernment of what feels right and true for you, which will vary as you move along.  You will be your own best “discerner” as only you really know what is in your best interest here.

Know that here, once one realizes that the “how” to any end point will vary as needed and necessary for each individual’s path and process, it is then the journey to reach your new heights of extension can be the great and grand gift to be received by you.

“How” is Always the Variable in the Outplay

Do what works; allow yourself the freedom to pursue the many options, the many variables, and the many choices that are available as you are working your way through any learning process.  Yes, here “process” is the key defining verb in what is always on-going in your life dear ones.  Every step taken is within your own process, and processing, of action and non-action in your life, many options, many decisions or choices to pick and choose from.  Why is it that one would ever want to rush through their process of any kind, as each step is a time to learn and create new knowledge and understanding of new elements or pieces of your life, that you have not yet had an opportunity to reveal or unfold?

Each process becomes your unique opportunity to engage yourself in a whole new path or adventure within your journey.  This becomes a time to expand your horizons as deep and rich as you would like, as your persistence, perseverance and determined efforts will take you as far as you would like to go.  There is never anything stopping you dear ones, no-thing, as there will always be a new “how” to come your way each time you redefine your goal, or end result, that you are pursuing.  The “how” will always come in its Divine way yet one has to be willing to receive its grand nature, which will only be received through an open heart and an open mind.  Remove all restrictions and the “how” comes through to you, loud and clear, without avail.

You may wonder at times how this “how” could ever begin to take power, yet, know that simply with an intention of determination in your pursuits and allowing your own process to be present, this already becomes the first step in “how”.  You have already taken your first step into what it is you are striving to do or experience.  All the elements work around the “how’s variables”.  Because of free-will and free-choice there becomes many ways to reach your Truth and end result.  The variables or variations do not change the Truth of what is anticipated at the completion of this unique experience being processed.  Instead, the variables only add to the value or worth, to the substance or content, of what is produced throughout this processing of “how”, which is then enriched by your application of determination, perseverance and integrity.  There will always be results at some point, yet, the “how” will accommodate you with many choices for right action throughout the process, all is magnificent and perfect any way you look at the total experience.

“How” you experience this experience is up to you.  Your attitude, your nature, your conduct and your receptiveness will affect all the variables coming forth to you.  The more you allow this to be a grand experience, then a grand experience is what you will have; it’s as simple as that.  So, what’s the rush?  Take this time of processing and learning and allow yourself to fully receive everything that is now coming forth to fill and overflow your cup.  Receive and be grateful, then create some more.  Don’t stop until you are satisfied with the “glory” in glorious, as that is what your end result will be…a glorious masterpiece!

Pay Attention…Growth in Progress!

“But, I’m in charge!”…is this what you have to keep telling yourself in order to feel secure in what is transpiring moment-to-moment in your daily routine?  Routine is a key word here.  If one is knocked off, even slightly, from their daily normal comings and goings does that have to create a great fear, that what is happening is no longer proper?  Does this constitute one to completely become off balance and upset because their routine is no longer the same?  It is evident that changes are always occurring yet most change is subtle enough to allow one to easily morph, or adapt, with the changes taking place.

Yet, what if there are noticeably large changes that become apparent?  What is the difference here between small and large changes?  In Truth there is none.  Change is change; it is just a matter of your own response to the changes occurring, as well as your ability to adapt to those changes, as they come about.  What one may consider a small, or trite, change another might see that same change as monumental, or one that would take them far out of their comfort zone.  The realization of any change immediately sends warning signals to the mind, as if the mind is “the one in charge”, of allowing the change or not allowing the change.  Here the change is already occurring; it has already begun to take place, as a change cannot be recognized unless it is already in process.  Thus, how this will affect you will rely completely on how you open up to it and process the change, while validating its worth or no worth.

So what happens before all this noticing of change?  There are always unseen forces at work and in action, forces that are on-going, as in delivering their support to what is presently taking place.  Every situation has many connecting elements, some seen some unseen, and unless one is able to see through all the intricate layering of action taking place, most likely you will only get bits and pieces, or glimpses, of the changes present and occurring at that moment in time.  Energy has no boundaries thus there are many elements, which could be thousands of miles away, which are affected in the changes you are presented with.  Consider the source of each change.  Somewhere, someone, or something starts the affect with thought, words, or some type of action.  From there, whatever is connected in anyway, seen or unseen, is now touched or affected in some way, whether it is on a grand scale or on a very small scale.  This is constantly occurring with everyone and with everything, seen and unseen.  There are many unseen forces that are in constant motion that work together to bring the right elements into the picture, or situation, already unfolding.  And, in that same light, there are many visible forces coming forward, yet not all may be seen as their subtlety will not allow that.

So you see between what is actually occurring and what you “think” is actually occurring could be on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  No worries or fear here, just be aware of this and come to accept, with full trust, that everything coming forward is right and true.  Everything coming forward has its purpose or reason for doing so.  And, with your response to it all being perfect, you are then able to fully grasp the beautiful change now present for your benefit and for all concerned.

Stay Tuned…Unseen Forces at Work!

We are all seeking clarity or trying to figure everything out, yet sometimes it is just as important to wait.  Like a fine wine that needs to perfectly ferment before one can drink its extraordinary and unique elixir, there is a “Divine timing” in everything, dear ones.  For all connections, all meetings, all beginnings, middles and endings, there is always a Divine accuracy in all that takes place, seen or unseen.  So why does one question this so often?  Why is it when there seems to be a lapse in activity that this “lull” creates worry, distress or fear, in regard to output or production?  It is when there “seems” to be nothing taking place then one assumes there is nothing “at all” taking place, and thus one just “throws in the towel” and gives up completely on any forward movement in that present situation.

Dear ones, there is always activity, seen and unseen.  Many layers of intricate handiwork, seen and unseen go into the situations you all come to experience at one time or another.  Your life in itself is one grand experience made up of many acts or chapters, designated by their own experiences or situations taking place.  Look at your life from right where you are, right here and now.  How many times have you been in the middle of an experience and then in the next minute everything, yes everything, changed?  How did that happen?   Did you see or realize every single element, event or change coming forward, from the most grand to the minutest?   Hardly, it is clearly next to impossible to know everything that had transpired in order for a change, of any magnitude, to occur.  Change isn’t usual noticed until the change actually takes place thus, in order to specifically translate all that transpired, would take a science that most could not produce.

There are always unseen forces at work.  There is always something you can tap into to find out more regarding what-is-what.  Simply stop and tune-in, then seek your answers.  Seek the information or elements coming forward now to assist your forward movement, all while you are waiting to take forward action.  If you seek clarity, you will need to trust you will only receive clarity.  Trust is essential in all of this as unseen forces are “unseen”, yet that does not mean not felt, or unnoticed, by any of your other senses.  Yes, this is a point in time to hone all of your senses to seek the understanding you desire to gain here.  And, no matter how much new information may come forward one must always know they can never “know it all”.  There will always be unseen forces you may never recognize or realize exist, not making them any less real.

So trust dear ones, trust, trust, trust.  Stay tuned to what you are able to know at that time and remain firm in your forward movement.  Then, the perfect time will come to step right into what is now new and ready to be revealed in all its glory and form of Truth, in being exactly what it is, perfect in every way.