“How” is Always the Variable in the Outplay

Do what works; allow yourself the freedom to pursue the many options, the many variables, and the many choices that are available as you are working your way through any learning process.  Yes, here “process” is the key defining verb in what is always on-going in your life dear ones.  Every step taken is within your own process, and processing, of action and non-action in your life, many options, many decisions or choices to pick and choose from.  Why is it that one would ever want to rush through their process of any kind, as each step is a time to learn and create new knowledge and understanding of new elements or pieces of your life, that you have not yet had an opportunity to reveal or unfold?

Each process becomes your unique opportunity to engage yourself in a whole new path or adventure within your journey.  This becomes a time to expand your horizons as deep and rich as you would like, as your persistence, perseverance and determined efforts will take you as far as you would like to go.  There is never anything stopping you dear ones, no-thing, as there will always be a new “how” to come your way each time you redefine your goal, or end result, that you are pursuing.  The “how” will always come in its Divine way yet one has to be willing to receive its grand nature, which will only be received through an open heart and an open mind.  Remove all restrictions and the “how” comes through to you, loud and clear, without avail.

You may wonder at times how this “how” could ever begin to take power, yet, know that simply with an intention of determination in your pursuits and allowing your own process to be present, this already becomes the first step in “how”.  You have already taken your first step into what it is you are striving to do or experience.  All the elements work around the “how’s variables”.  Because of free-will and free-choice there becomes many ways to reach your Truth and end result.  The variables or variations do not change the Truth of what is anticipated at the completion of this unique experience being processed.  Instead, the variables only add to the value or worth, to the substance or content, of what is produced throughout this processing of “how”, which is then enriched by your application of determination, perseverance and integrity.  There will always be results at some point, yet, the “how” will accommodate you with many choices for right action throughout the process, all is magnificent and perfect any way you look at the total experience.

“How” you experience this experience is up to you.  Your attitude, your nature, your conduct and your receptiveness will affect all the variables coming forth to you.  The more you allow this to be a grand experience, then a grand experience is what you will have; it’s as simple as that.  So, what’s the rush?  Take this time of processing and learning and allow yourself to fully receive everything that is now coming forth to fill and overflow your cup.  Receive and be grateful, then create some more.  Don’t stop until you are satisfied with the “glory” in glorious, as that is what your end result will be…a glorious masterpiece!

2 thoughts on ““How” is Always the Variable in the Outplay

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