The Model of Love Knows No Boundaries

Reach out and extend your energetic boundaries, beyond any norm, and into the invisible realms around you.  There are all good reasons to now allow you this new availability to your time and space reality.  You are now ready to see and experience new definitions, of living and creating, which can only exist as one is fully open to a larger scale of opportunities and potentials now available.  One cannot be closed and narrow here.  Love has no boundaries thus, if one uses the model of love and all its elemental features, you will then know the “how’ to obtain this new status of extending yourself internally and externally.

Simply setting the intention would be a good start to stepping forward into what will outplay here for you.  Stretch and reach, then extend some more.  Remove the resistance; remove the idea of allowing suffering to be present.  If there’s pain from the growth or from the grieving of what is falling away simply go with it and allow it all to flow through you, as what comes forth can then be realized and released.  Once the water flows from your facet do you wonder where it goes, what sewer, or what river?  Hardly!  Pain is real yet pain can be moderated through your own will and intention to let it go and release it.  Once obstacles or inhibitions are removed one is able to take a deeper approach to their extension process, it does not have to happen overnight.  Yet, the more one works with their process and flow, they will come to an easy understanding of what is needed or necessary to keep reaching and extending out into their own unknown and new definitions of boundaries now available.  For any being to work through this process all will vary, as what is acceptable will come from each individual, their own willingness to reach and extend, and their own courage and strength to keep going in order to achieve their own best level of extension.

There are many ways here to not only work your way through your own process but, just as important, is “how” one will process their pain before, during, and even after intentions are set and the process is in motion.  Pain comes in many ways and forms, and on many levels, thus it is most important to not judge or criticizes any method of “how” this is accomplished, as to be free and spontaneous when approaching your pain will be important to the process of its realization and release.  The outplay here, in the full extension of your old boundaries to new unknowns, will take a variety of roads or paths yet the result will only exhibit the success of your efforts in your processing.  Any measuring and judging along the way simply creates more resistance while the only real needed guidance for you is your own on-going discernment of what feels right and true for you, which will vary as you move along.  You will be your own best “discerner” as only you really know what is in your best interest here.

Know that here, once one realizes that the “how” to any end point will vary as needed and necessary for each individual’s path and process, it is then the journey to reach your new heights of extension can be the great and grand gift to be received by you.

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