The “Too Good to Be True” Syndrome

Is it a battle between Spirit and the mind?  Is it an all-out war between what’s true or not true?  Or, is it a war between ego and the mind?  It is none of these dear ones, no worries here in defining this properly or improperly.  Do you see what is going on here?  What are you attempting to make your claim to?  What pre-notions are you setting up for yourself just in case the situation you are trying to define does not seem to go as expected?  This is a big piece of this noted dilemma of defining and deliberating called “expectancy”.  What you expect in any situation or experience will have an overall affect on that particular experience.  Yet, here one must understand that no matter what you may expect or not expect, the situation will still play out.  Even if both or all persons do not show up for the expected situation or scenario, there will still be an outcome from what was or does take place at that point in time.

There are many elements out of your reach or control, in any situation.  There are many variables that can take place, at any point in time, which can cause you to recreate your own thoughts of what you might expect, up until the time and place outplay occurs.  Nothing matters here but the exact time of what happens, when it happens.   Once outplay occurs it is here all persons involved can still come to their own understanding, or definition, of what actually occurred or transpired.  All persons will still have their own unique view or perspective on what is true, or correct, in the actual outplay or outcome.  It is here, at this point, that one can become challenged by what they feel, or sensed, happened or occurred.  It is here that judgment or criticism can make, or break, ones overall value or worth of their own experience, without any turning back to make changes they may seem to be necessary in order to fully accept “what was”, as it was.

Realize here your version or perspective is all that counts when it comes to you receiving the gift of your unique experience here.  Hearing what others see or feel, as “their take” on outplay, may only bring more confusion or judgment to you, leaving one to feel even more regretful or anxious on the matter at hand.  “Too good to be true” fits right into the “before”, “during” and “after” any experience you are holding hostage with your definitions or limited judgments.  What would create such a harsh expectation for one to feel they are unworthy of any experience that is brought forth to them?  All experiences hold a gift, as it is in the connection and learning that takes place between those involved.  Every experience becomes an opportunity to show-up and reveal the Truth at hand, Truth that is unique to each person or individual present and participating, Truth that can alter and change lives in such a unique way they would never have been able to learn and grow without this unique experience.

To say that all experiences are “too good to be true” may be the way to bring the Light to all experiences, as in Truth, outplay of any experience can only come to a Truth once the experience takes place.  Here, there is no denying Truth or non-truth, as what happened did happen, and that is the only Truth there is.  If you feel a war being waged dear ones, just throw in the white towel and surrender your loving heart to the value and worth of you being blessed to have the opportunity you are about to engage in.  Make it your best yet, give it your heart and Soul and, you can rest assured, it will be one grand “good to be true” experience now a part of you and your wisdom to be shared.  Now that’s what we are talking about here!

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