To Be Continued…Fulfillment

Rise and shine, set your priorities, first things first!  Let go of yesterday and don’t think about tomorrow, now is all there is and today is your day to shine!  Where are you looking?  Is your head held high and your eyes focused forward?  That’s right; the focus is where you will end up moving toward.  Your focus will set the pace and become your center of resourcefulness.  Tap in now to that place you sense is calling out for your attention, heart and Soul.  Once you have that focus, begin to broaden your outlook or perspective as your interpretation comes, not only from you physically seeing but, from all your senses that will help define what is now coming forward for you.

This is an on-going path; you are a traveling Soul, one who is on an individual journey in fulfillment of your destiny.  “Destiny?” you ask, “what is that?”  Destiny simply is your sacred path created and transcribed long before you came into this lifetime.  Your destiny is one which holds general concepts and definitions of what you may have wanted to learn, or experience, this lifetime.  Destiny is somewhat of a guideline for your path and purpose, as all elements around your destiny become ever-changing and remain flexible to the processes you will undergo, as you move along your “path of fulfillment” of this destiny.  This is why fulfillment is on-going or “to be continued”.

Destiny is not just a singular point in time or space.  Destiny is all-encompassing of your path and the experiences upon that path of learning, growing and evolving, which is your “path of fulfillment”, designed and created for you, by you.  This path also includes all those involved along the way, which now become a part of this “path of fulfillment”, or destiny.  Yes, this includes all those who have agreed to be there for you, or with you, as well as those you agreed to “show-up” for, at any point in time along your “path of fulfillment”.  All meetings are made in agreement long before you coming into this lifetime.  All meetings are Divinely orchestrated as many variables may create changes in who may or may not be available to come forward at that Divine Time.

Here are the lessons dear ones, fulfillment is about your destiny and destiny is all encompassing, including your path fulfillment and the many others that come in and out of your life as you travel upon your path and journey of fulfillment.  No matter whom you end up having an experience with along the way, trust that they have agreed to somehow be involved, and that there are no strangers on your journey, from a Souls’ View.  Fulfillment entails a Souls’ regard to “show up” and be present yet because you are in the human body, and the human body has a human mind which makes on-going choices, not all choices are privy to the clarity of destiny, as “free-will” and “ego” may cloud judgment or discernment of what is needed or necessary from you.  No matter what happens destiny will still find a way to be fulfilled, as there are many ways to play out any scenario.  Along the way certain factors that become part of destiny will come forward, whether you realize them or not.  Trust that you will know what you need to know every time as that is the “path of fulfillment”, it is always “to be continued” one way or another, as all experiences bring together their own unique variables for the outplay.

2 thoughts on “To Be Continued…Fulfillment

  1. Karen Fisher

    Thank you, Paula!
    Because all meetings are divinely orchestrated, it would seem to me that our goal is to learn from each meeting what it is we are meant to share or when to seek further instruction before sharing. Otherwise, how else can we grow?
    This channeling has me thinking about the all- encompassing aspect of my destiny, and how amazing it is that I may have much more to encounter before my destiny is fulfilled! It seems also, that our individual lives are ever entwined in each life that we encounter on our paths. When compared to the human body….our closest relationships can lovingly enfold our hearts with protection. But if the soul at it’s deepest level is caught off-guard, perhaps we will be injured in ways that may take a lifetime to heal. Without warning another’s remark can block our response in defense. When love lights my path, I feel protected. This can be most comforting to me, and yet, if my path is not illumined, where do I turn? For me, I turn to the DIvine, always, and trust in the light to warm and renew my mind’s fear and once more allow my heart the room to love again.

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