The Cycle of Fulfillment

Fill…then flow…allow yourself to empty, then fill again.  It’s all an easy simple cycle, at times moving quickly, and at other times feeling very slow.  No matter, it is serving a Divine purpose to bring you everything you need, and at all times will attempt to stay in a natural balance of filling and emptying.  What is the point in this discussion?  Simply put, there is a need to understand that no matter where you are right now, no matter what you are doing or not doing, have or don’t have, you are constantly going through this cycling of filling and emptying.  It becomes obvious then that there can be other factors that may affect this on-going cycle of filling and emptying.  It comes down to your own allowing, or resisting, the resulting affects of the cycling.

When one is in “emptying mode” you may feel fear or concern that things in your life are “falling apart” or “not working out correctly”.  You may feel lonely or afraid because you find the many people around you have either dropped away from your time and space or that you have decided to barricade yourself in your own space, to find alone and quiet time.  You may also find that your financial resources begin to dwindle or that your material possessions begin to shift in importance, as some fall away by you generously donating them or you simply clear clutter, by recycling and disposing in the trash.  All is a way to empty dear ones.  Even a long and intense cry will clear the way of all that has been toxic or no longer emotionally necessary, so that now the depth to your Soul/Core can be found and tapped into, in a whole new way.

Now, when one comes to “the filling” aspects, you might say “This is the good part and much easier to take on or experience than the emptying aspects of this cycling.”  Yet know, if one does not fill their being with healthy, loving, nurturing, nourishment they could still feel and experience a type of challenge or painful struggle, similar to the emptying process.  Filling ones’ self with what is now needed and necessary becomes a matter of listening and responding to what is coming forth to be needed by you, to follow through responsibly.  Your whole being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) will only take in what you feed and nourish it.  What you actually bring your being to be consumed or to be taken in; this is what you will be receiving.  You are the one to allow, or not allow, what is being offered for consumption or nourishment.  You are the one in charge with what you are filling your being with.

To be discerning may be a challenge since some choices are not as obvious as to whether they will be “good” for you or not.  Yet know dear ones, you will know simply by checking in with your “fine-tuned” senses and feelings whether what you are about to offer you is in the Highest and Best interest of your health and well-being.  Your reaction or response is usually a sign, of some kind, that will require you to further discern the Truth.  Yet here, more than likely you will just “Know” what’s “Right” and True for you.  Even if you decide to try something out of uncertainty it will not usually take long before you “Know” if it is what “Best” is for you at this time.

The cycle continues no matter what, filling and emptying, filling and emptying, always “to be continued”.  Knowing this allows you to remain tuned-in to what is needed, or necessary, for you right here and now.  If one can remain in their True present and “now” moments they will always be cued in on what is coming forward and what is needed, for them and by them.  From this point dear ones, listen to your heart and trust your instincts to guide you right where you need to be, to receive or to let go, and release.  As you follow through with this attention to your love-of-self and wellbeing, you will find your life to be “simply marvelous” at any point you are at in your cycle of fulfillment.

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