A Perspective on Family

United we stand, divided we fall, coming together as a united group takes courage, love and cooperation.  The benefits of this merging and joining, of individuals and beings, will always outweigh any type of separation, or loneliness, caused by prejudice, judgment or lack of respect.  We are all made to share our lives, to share our gifts and talents, and to share our experiences as we harvest our wisdom.  What is it that we do, or feel, that would keep us separate from others whom we love or that we feel a need to be a part of?  How are we creating walls around ourselves to keep others out or to isolate ourselves from others who are reaching out to us?  What can we do to break the old mold of narrow definitions around our perspective of family and branch out, by reaching out, into new levels of what a family can mean for us, while sharing with all those we feel are a part of what we call our family?

It is clearly up to each one of us in how we define the unique group called “our family”.  What we perceive is what we will allow our self to experience.  Most would consider family to be those we share in a deep and loving relationship with, yet we know this is not always true.  If we are looking at the view of family from a biological, or legal, standpoint most of us would have individuals that do not fall into the category of loving and unconditional, yet still those individuals remain a part of our family because of DNA or marriage.  Clearly, just calling someone family does not automatically make them loving and unconditionally connected to us, and to everyone else in the group.  You can see there are many ways to look at how a family can be defined as each individual would have their own view, or perspective, of all the defining characteristics.

So what is the underlying foundation of all of this and around this concept, or perspective, of family?  Simply put, this foundation comes from each one of us, who we are, what we are offering and sharing.  Each one of us builds the foundation of this unique group called family.  From the smallest version of “immediate family” to the largest, grandest version called “the world”, to an even larger version called “the universe”, seen and unseen.  Yes, even those we may not realize like nature, our pets, or other worlds we are not privy to, all of these can be our family.  As we widen our perspective we are able to widen our response-ability to the foundation of this perspective.  The intricate benefits to all concerned become infinite as the love shared overrides all else being experienced at any point in time.

It is time to remove the walls that keep you imprisoned and dependent on finality or dead-ends, feelings of lack or powerlessness, and begin to join hands with those that are around you in creating a new foundation of a loving, caring and sharing family.  It is up to each one of us to create this simply by doing our part of stepping into our unique role in this loving and unique foundation of beings.

1 thought on “A Perspective on Family

  1. Karen Fisher

    This channeling is so “right on!” One’s first family does seem to cement the perspective of what we see and then consequently bring into our adult family lives. A good foundation can not be denied for a stronger addition of each successive family that grows from it. How else can we develop bonds of powerful love and understanding? Given the response-ability for our own small family unit, this is meant to spread beyond… in all “familial” ties we make during and throughout our connective lives.

    Universally, without the tie that binds us to our Creator, what good are we to the rest of this amazing creation of human beings? Reaching out to those in need, becoming better stewards of the natural surroundings for which we are responsible, we can spread the love throughout the universal tie that binds us all. And that is what a true family is all about! I believe that love begins within each of our hearts as a flicker of God’s love for each one of us. Spreading this love is our desire and to share it is our duty. It is our RESPONSE-ABILITY!


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