Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pay Attention…Growth in Progress!

“But, I’m in charge!”…is this what you have to keep telling yourself in order to feel secure in what is transpiring moment-to-moment in your daily routine?  Routine is a key word here.  If one is knocked off, even slightly, from their daily normal comings and goings does that have to create a great fear, that what is happening is no longer proper?  Does this constitute one to completely become off balance and upset because their routine is no longer the same?  It is evident that changes are always occurring yet most change is subtle enough to allow one to easily morph, or adapt, with the changes taking place.

Yet, what if there are noticeably large changes that become apparent?  What is the difference here between small and large changes?  In Truth there is none.  Change is change; it is just a matter of your own response to the changes occurring, as well as your ability to adapt to those changes, as they come about.  What one may consider a small, or trite, change another might see that same change as monumental, or one that would take them far out of their comfort zone.  The realization of any change immediately sends warning signals to the mind, as if the mind is “the one in charge”, of allowing the change or not allowing the change.  Here the change is already occurring; it has already begun to take place, as a change cannot be recognized unless it is already in process.  Thus, how this will affect you will rely completely on how you open up to it and process the change, while validating its worth or no worth.

So what happens before all this noticing of change?  There are always unseen forces at work and in action, forces that are on-going, as in delivering their support to what is presently taking place.  Every situation has many connecting elements, some seen some unseen, and unless one is able to see through all the intricate layering of action taking place, most likely you will only get bits and pieces, or glimpses, of the changes present and occurring at that moment in time.  Energy has no boundaries thus there are many elements, which could be thousands of miles away, which are affected in the changes you are presented with.  Consider the source of each change.  Somewhere, someone, or something starts the affect with thought, words, or some type of action.  From there, whatever is connected in anyway, seen or unseen, is now touched or affected in some way, whether it is on a grand scale or on a very small scale.  This is constantly occurring with everyone and with everything, seen and unseen.  There are many unseen forces that are in constant motion that work together to bring the right elements into the picture, or situation, already unfolding.  And, in that same light, there are many visible forces coming forward, yet not all may be seen as their subtlety will not allow that.

So you see between what is actually occurring and what you “think” is actually occurring could be on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  No worries or fear here, just be aware of this and come to accept, with full trust, that everything coming forward is right and true.  Everything coming forward has its purpose or reason for doing so.  And, with your response to it all being perfect, you are then able to fully grasp the beautiful change now present for your benefit and for all concerned.


Stay Tuned…Unseen Forces at Work!

We are all seeking clarity or trying to figure everything out, yet sometimes it is just as important to wait.  Like a fine wine that needs to perfectly ferment before one can drink its extraordinary and unique elixir, there is a “Divine timing” in everything, dear ones.  For all connections, all meetings, all beginnings, middles and endings, there is always a Divine accuracy in all that takes place, seen or unseen.  So why does one question this so often?  Why is it when there seems to be a lapse in activity that this “lull” creates worry, distress or fear, in regard to output or production?  It is when there “seems” to be nothing taking place then one assumes there is nothing “at all” taking place, and thus one just “throws in the towel” and gives up completely on any forward movement in that present situation.

Dear ones, there is always activity, seen and unseen.  Many layers of intricate handiwork, seen and unseen go into the situations you all come to experience at one time or another.  Your life in itself is one grand experience made up of many acts or chapters, designated by their own experiences or situations taking place.  Look at your life from right where you are, right here and now.  How many times have you been in the middle of an experience and then in the next minute everything, yes everything, changed?  How did that happen?   Did you see or realize every single element, event or change coming forward, from the most grand to the minutest?   Hardly, it is clearly next to impossible to know everything that had transpired in order for a change, of any magnitude, to occur.  Change isn’t usual noticed until the change actually takes place thus, in order to specifically translate all that transpired, would take a science that most could not produce.

There are always unseen forces at work.  There is always something you can tap into to find out more regarding what-is-what.  Simply stop and tune-in, then seek your answers.  Seek the information or elements coming forward now to assist your forward movement, all while you are waiting to take forward action.  If you seek clarity, you will need to trust you will only receive clarity.  Trust is essential in all of this as unseen forces are “unseen”, yet that does not mean not felt, or unnoticed, by any of your other senses.  Yes, this is a point in time to hone all of your senses to seek the understanding you desire to gain here.  And, no matter how much new information may come forward one must always know they can never “know it all”.  There will always be unseen forces you may never recognize or realize exist, not making them any less real.

So trust dear ones, trust, trust, trust.  Stay tuned to what you are able to know at that time and remain firm in your forward movement.  Then, the perfect time will come to step right into what is now new and ready to be revealed in all its glory and form of Truth, in being exactly what it is, perfect in every way.