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Unearthing Earth’s Mysteries

Are you a seeker, an explorer, or an adventurer?  Are you willing to go deep into your living experience and seek out the unknowns you have questioned over and over again?  Yes, one must be willing to explore and make the time to pan for the golden nuggets of knowledge and intricate details of that which they seek to know and understand.  In researching past history there are many buried treasures that can be found.  Some seem to be easily visible and one may wonder why someone else has not exposed this rich information sooner.  Yet know, here you are all individual seekers.  The details to be uncovered and revealed will be founded by those that have the desire to find, and expose, their own intricate piece of the mystery or unknown.  You all have a specific awareness to that which you seek; it is why it is you who is seeking it.  Here, as each one embraces their unique role in unearthing the deep mysteries of Earth, whether past, present, or future, it then becomes evidence of the greater picture of understanding coming together at any point in time.

Earth will continue to do her own part of evolving and shifting, as she too is her own unique entity in the grand scheme of all that is coming to be revealed at this time.  With every shift something new begins to come to Light and can now be offered as a new understanding, toward the greater understanding, of the mysteries now ready to be captured and known in their entirety.  One begins to understand their importance and response-ability in this process of revealing what is now new, or potentials that are now available, to be utilized.  Here, Earth, each individual human being, and each member of nature come together on the common ground of the importance of perpetual balance and renewal.  Just how important is your role here in all of this?  Do you take the time to bring this more to your awareness or do you just set aside any thought of this, thinking that someone else can do whatever may seem to be needed or necessary?

We are all a part of this grand unearthing of mysteries, consistently taking place on our beautiful planet Earth.  There is always a choice in your own individual involvement.  Yet, even more important, is the choice of your own individual balance in being, to be more aware of your own peace-of-mind and loving open heart.  To be conscious of how you show up and express yourself in the world everyday is the first step in actively seeking and unearthing Earth’s mysteries.  How that will impact the greater scheme of life will come with your own conscious steps you now choose to make.  An important role indeed!

An Interlude in Time

Dance with me.  Yes, let’s come 2gether and hold each other, just the right way, to flow and move with the rhythms of the life we feel around us right now.  There’s no need to know specifics here, just feel your way from step-to-step.  You lead and I will follow, as that seems like the most natural way for us to dance 2gether right now.  No concern here in taking the lead, as you will know exactly what is needed if you listen, and follow, your own heart.  Just do your best at what you know is your best, at what you feel is your best.   No worries, as I will be able to follow, as I too will do my best to pay attention to your lead, adapt to your general attitude, and move with you without trying to control the steps we take 2gether.  I trust you.  And, as I allow this trust to keep me open to your flowing movement, I will be doing my best without having to think too much about what is going to happen next.  Here, I can just follow and trust that your lead is strong enough to see me through.  That you too are attentively adapting to my movements and reciprocated steps in the right direction of this dance we are dancing.

My best would be that I don’t step on your toes along the way but, if I do, I feel you know that it is not because I am not doing my best, but that it is a moment in time where we are still coming into sync with each other.  Where 2gether we are doing our best to give and bend as needed, until our dance becomes familiar to both of us.  “Practice makes perfect”, thus the more we practice our own role in this beautiful dance we are choreographing the better we shall become in our synchronized movements 2gether.  The more we practice by consciously acknowledging each other’s need to be our best, the more we can support each other in doing our best, as we will recognize each other’s progress along the way.  We will only get better-and-better at what we are doing.  There can be no other outcome when we are both making a concerned and conscious effort to be the best that we can be, while we are “just being” who we are.

This dance is our own; it is unique to us, which is why there are no reasons for “excuses” or validations.  Here, we just simply do our best as we take each step in its synchronized “Divine” time. The dance will then continue to adapt to us, to whom we are and our mutual partnership to unite here and now, as the dance transforms us in our progress 2gether.  I feel it and I know you do too, enough said.  “May I have this dance with you?”

Gradual Development…Fundamentals First

Where do you start when you hear “start here”?  What does this mean for you?  Starting anything new can leave us with many questions or concerns as to what our first steps might be.  What are the most important elements we must consider above and beyond all others?  As we are deciding what is most important here we may fall into our own sabotaging trap of conflict and confusion, thus leaving us frustrated and anxious.  Here we may decide to just throw the whole idea of doing anything “out the window” and simply walk away.  Here is where we can benefit in knowing what our fundamentals, or foundation basics, are before we get to this point of futility.

Your fundamentals are your primary and essential root elements, your basic ground rules and core principles of Truth and integrity.  One need not know the details of their plan-of-action, yet you will know what your basic ground principles are simply by stopping and assessing your normal patterns of progress.  As you observe your normal habits or routines that you engage in before starting any new project, or before becoming involved in any new experience, you can then reveal what essential elements or principles might apply to this new venture you are about to partake in.  Your fundamentals that will help build the foundation become your necessary resources.

Your foundation will hold all that you are about to build upon it, thus if one is uncertain of the magnitude, or size, of their venture then this would be the time to gather information in order to make your best clear decision on what that might be.  Here if one starts out too small they may be limiting their potential growth.  If one starts out too large they may find they have wasted time, energy and resources that could have been used in the future building stages.  There is no exact science in determining what is the best choice, yet if one stops to assess and “go within”, to remove their narrow definitions or old inhibitions first, then they will find their choices and decisions to be a close match to what is needed and necessary at this crucial beginning point of building the foundation.  What you put in is what will hold true for you.  Integrity is a key principle, as the strength of integrity will determine the longevity and strength of your foundation to withstand any adverse, or harsh unwanted elements, which may arrive uninvited.  The details in your process of laying this foundation, the love you pour into your base, and the integrity which you hold steadfast in your Truth, will all come together synergistically to form a firm foundation to last and last.

Even in the beginning there is a gradual process of development as anything hasty, at anytime, will undermine the basic fundamental elements in any unfolding experience or process.  Take it all gradual and at a pace that feels you are able to remain diligent to the entire process being experienced.  Each step is key, yet where you start will determine the lasting value when you have fully completed your new venture and masterpiece.  Don’t forget to love it all along the way; you wouldn’t want even one brick to create a fault line of uncertainty.  Honesty is always the best policy!

A Willingness to Learn

Turn the Light on and be willing to learn, embrace what you don’t know or understand as much as what you feel you do know and understand.  There is no right or wrong in your learning process.  Everything you gain in learning is always shifting and changing.  What you thought you knew today will completely change what you know tomorrow.  The key here is to open up to it all and grasp as much as you can that feels right and true for you.

It is a rich and abundant universe of knowledge and intelligence that is accessible to all.  Yet, it is in the reception of this knowledge that one is able to put it to use by allowing it to be experienced.  Hence, from here, it now becomes your wisdom.  Yes, once knowledge is processed and utilized it then carries its unique “DNA” of the experience associated with it.  This wisdom now becomes the way to discern your future choices or decisions, in what you allow or don’t allow, into those next new experiences.  You see, you never lose or lack for wisdom, as it is always produced in all of your experiences.  It now becomes a matter of choosing and making the concerned effort, to tap into your wisdom and allow it to be a part of the new choices, or decisions, being made.

Wisdom is of the heart, as all of your experiences are processed through your heart or “love-of-self”, which includes your self-worth, your self-esteem and your self-confidence, at the time of that particular experience.  As you process what it is you feel and know at that time, you begin to create the new shifts and changes by utilizing your love-of-self as the gauge for what you will actually end up experiencing.  Just understanding, and being conscious, of how you are feeling with what is being processed, is enough to bring you the Highest and Best results of newly created wisdom in any experience.

Have fun along the way; remain balanced with humor and joy, as there is nothing too serious about anything you are involved in.  As you realize you are simply always learning and growing you will find the wisdom of your experience in all situations, sometimes down the road of your journey or maybe right then-and-there.  Either way, what is revealed to you at any point in time is exactly what you needed to know.  And, as you remain open while trusting “it all”, you will assuredly be one wise being, heart and Soul.

Time For a Fresh Start??

Fresh is new, starting over with a “clean slate” and a new perspective.  Does this seem impossible to you?  Does clearing away any and all old, stale and unused debris in your life seem like an impossible feat?  No need to become paralyzed with this point-of-view.  Fresh is not an adverse act unless one is unwilling to let go of their past, unwilling to allow their self to begin a-new as a free and liberated spirit all-inclusive in their present moment and in their present mind and body.  Yes, you are one with fresh and new when you take that first step to do so.  Immediately shifts begin to take place that create unusual experiences and awareness to things you have not been privy to before this time.  Trust yourself here; you will never be led to that which is non-conducive to what is now ready for your new fresh life experience.  All unfolds in its very organic and natural way while it is you who decides what, and how, you would want that experience to be for you.

Wake up now to what is fresh and new, right now, before you, waiting to be tapped into.  Don’t hold back here as you are ready if you hear the call to step forth into what calls out to you, into what appeals to your senses as good, loving, and exciting to partake in.  Don’t deny yourself this very precious time of new beginnings.  There is no fear or doubt worth keeping yourself held back here.  Bring yourself to the realization of your readiness here, of your strength and courage to move past old views and boundaries and allow yourself the sheer joy of your freedom in fresh and new.  So many moments of your precious life can come and go, yet you know what it is that is calling you now.   You know when the time is right to stop making excuses, to stop procrastinating, and to move forward fearlessly and confidently, onto the drawing board of your life.  One clean canvas ready for your creative and  innovative self to bring forth that which comes from deep inside of you, that which is ready and necessary to be exposed, and shared, with your world.

Have fun here dear ones.  Let the beauty and Light of who you are completely, and easily, flow from the inside-out as you expand your new found vision and view of what this means for you.

Creating New Balance Through Laughter and Humor

Turn that frown upside down; go ahead, what are you afraid of?  Will a little “silliness” throw you off your “serious status” or will it actually provide some balance to your next steps forward?  Your natural state is that of joy and happiness.  Life is full of reasons to be happy, even as we go about our days in an attempt to not seem “foolish” or to put on a “serious air” just to hide our pain.  Why not subject yourself to some giggles and laughter?  If one takes notice of what’s going on around them they will be sure to find something that, by just looking at it, will bring a smile to their face.  Sift through some of your old memories; there are many humorous treasures to be found.

Laughter creates an opening of Truth.  It deflates all of our defenses, or ego-postures, and allows our pure genuine nature to shine and be shared.  There’s a unique freedom we feel when we are laughing and giggling, a sense of peace and feeling that everything is perfect, as in Truth it is all perfect.  To stop our self from lamenting in fear or painful worries and simply find an avenue of humor to lighten our load, will open us up to a fresh new perspective of what is “really” going on, verses the dark heavy version we allowed to take us down another dead-end.  No matter what you are experiencing, healthy laughter and humor will help balance your footsteps forward, will help make your efforts a little easier and will definitely make your world a little brighter.

Laughter and humor brings Light to the dark spaces so we can see a little better, brings confidence forward allowing us to feel much lighter on all levels… body, mind and Spirit.  Your Best medicine, or remedy, for the “gloomies” is to allow you to know and feel laughter’s healing power, which exceeds any and all medical remedies.  Laughter will clear the way to your heart, which then allows the blood, or life-force, to flow even stronger, providing the nourishment of joy to the Soul and the rest of your entire being.  To escape from the rigidness and to remove the constraints of imposed “masks” or “properness”, let loose a little, or a lot, and feel the flow of your joy run through your heart and veins.  Let the Light into your Soul as your Spirit will thank you for the generous attention to ignite your fueled enthusiasm with the powerful flames of laughter, no more resistance here.  Simply let this be your new stand of Truth to your now steps forward.  Become the joy you want to experience today and in the future.  Just be “joy” as your heart beats to the knowing and familiar rhythm of happiness.

Love’s Eternal Connection

From my heart to your heart…”I feel you, I see you and know you…everything about you…I love you!”  “Love” is the BIG word here, as love encompasses the “All” and the “everything” from A-Z.  “I love you, do you know that?”  “Do you feel my love for you?”  “Do you sense when my heart calls out to you, whether I am far or near?”  There will always be a connection as love is eternal.  There is an infinite flow of Light and sweet sensations from the “love connection”.  Watch how it changes another.  As love is shared openly it ignites the fires of passion within, it stokes the flame of desire and draws the two who share its potion together, like two magnets with their opposites facing one another.  As one loves, giving or receiving, love becomes recognition of worth, self-worth and appreciation, for the one who allows loves connection.

Worth, worthiness, and value, all play an important role in the depth of which love can be delivered and received.  As one recognizes the value and worth of the one being engaged there is a strong bond, a deep bond, which is able to come forward and manifest itself into its eternal nature.  Yes, it only takes the one glance of loving eyes or the hearts intention to create this deep bond of eternal love.  The attraction is a natural occurrence; there will always be another to connect with this way.  Yet, know that as you share in a loving connection with just one, as an eternal flame, there will always be many supporting love connections around that “special one” to support its strong and deep bond, as there are many levels in love.  As one places worth and value in another’s love connection, giftedness or shared similarities, there will always be a growth shared between the two connecting hearts, as love is nourished and expanded when value and worth are strong, and consciously, present.

Begin again; never hesitate to love again, and again, and again.  No matter what has transpired in your past, one is always worthy to be loved and honored, to partake in the love connection and share in loves delicate fruitfulness.  Never give up on you or on love.  Value your worthiness to always give and receive love, and always be generous in your abilities to experience the joy which comes from such love experiences, given and received.  You see, you already are love thus you are of this Highest “worth and value”.  To recognize this is to honor you, and love.  This is the way to your heart and to the heart of the one who waits to love you in return.  This is the way to love always, just open your heart and sense it, to feel it, and to answer the call from the one who beckons your love now.

Sweet surrender to the love that comes forth now, breathe in its eternal Light and joy, as the eternal connection is already made and the love is already flowing in its eternal fullness.  Recognize the value and worth of this love that comes to you now, for it is here now, to stay and to be shared in its eternal glory.  Two hearts beat as One, feel the glow and rhythm of the new connection that has already formed ever so Divine.  There’s not any other like it!