Love’s Eternal Connection

From my heart to your heart…”I feel you, I see you and know you…everything about you…I love you!”  “Love” is the BIG word here, as love encompasses the “All” and the “everything” from A-Z.  “I love you, do you know that?”  “Do you feel my love for you?”  “Do you sense when my heart calls out to you, whether I am far or near?”  There will always be a connection as love is eternal.  There is an infinite flow of Light and sweet sensations from the “love connection”.  Watch how it changes another.  As love is shared openly it ignites the fires of passion within, it stokes the flame of desire and draws the two who share its potion together, like two magnets with their opposites facing one another.  As one loves, giving or receiving, love becomes recognition of worth, self-worth and appreciation, for the one who allows loves connection.

Worth, worthiness, and value, all play an important role in the depth of which love can be delivered and received.  As one recognizes the value and worth of the one being engaged there is a strong bond, a deep bond, which is able to come forward and manifest itself into its eternal nature.  Yes, it only takes the one glance of loving eyes or the hearts intention to create this deep bond of eternal love.  The attraction is a natural occurrence; there will always be another to connect with this way.  Yet, know that as you share in a loving connection with just one, as an eternal flame, there will always be many supporting love connections around that “special one” to support its strong and deep bond, as there are many levels in love.  As one places worth and value in another’s love connection, giftedness or shared similarities, there will always be a growth shared between the two connecting hearts, as love is nourished and expanded when value and worth are strong, and consciously, present.

Begin again; never hesitate to love again, and again, and again.  No matter what has transpired in your past, one is always worthy to be loved and honored, to partake in the love connection and share in loves delicate fruitfulness.  Never give up on you or on love.  Value your worthiness to always give and receive love, and always be generous in your abilities to experience the joy which comes from such love experiences, given and received.  You see, you already are love thus you are of this Highest “worth and value”.  To recognize this is to honor you, and love.  This is the way to your heart and to the heart of the one who waits to love you in return.  This is the way to love always, just open your heart and sense it, to feel it, and to answer the call from the one who beckons your love now.

Sweet surrender to the love that comes forth now, breathe in its eternal Light and joy, as the eternal connection is already made and the love is already flowing in its eternal fullness.  Recognize the value and worth of this love that comes to you now, for it is here now, to stay and to be shared in its eternal glory.  Two hearts beat as One, feel the glow and rhythm of the new connection that has already formed ever so Divine.  There’s not any other like it!

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