Creating New Balance Through Laughter and Humor

Turn that frown upside down; go ahead, what are you afraid of?  Will a little “silliness” throw you off your “serious status” or will it actually provide some balance to your next steps forward?  Your natural state is that of joy and happiness.  Life is full of reasons to be happy, even as we go about our days in an attempt to not seem “foolish” or to put on a “serious air” just to hide our pain.  Why not subject yourself to some giggles and laughter?  If one takes notice of what’s going on around them they will be sure to find something that, by just looking at it, will bring a smile to their face.  Sift through some of your old memories; there are many humorous treasures to be found.

Laughter creates an opening of Truth.  It deflates all of our defenses, or ego-postures, and allows our pure genuine nature to shine and be shared.  There’s a unique freedom we feel when we are laughing and giggling, a sense of peace and feeling that everything is perfect, as in Truth it is all perfect.  To stop our self from lamenting in fear or painful worries and simply find an avenue of humor to lighten our load, will open us up to a fresh new perspective of what is “really” going on, verses the dark heavy version we allowed to take us down another dead-end.  No matter what you are experiencing, healthy laughter and humor will help balance your footsteps forward, will help make your efforts a little easier and will definitely make your world a little brighter.

Laughter and humor brings Light to the dark spaces so we can see a little better, brings confidence forward allowing us to feel much lighter on all levels… body, mind and Spirit.  Your Best medicine, or remedy, for the “gloomies” is to allow you to know and feel laughter’s healing power, which exceeds any and all medical remedies.  Laughter will clear the way to your heart, which then allows the blood, or life-force, to flow even stronger, providing the nourishment of joy to the Soul and the rest of your entire being.  To escape from the rigidness and to remove the constraints of imposed “masks” or “properness”, let loose a little, or a lot, and feel the flow of your joy run through your heart and veins.  Let the Light into your Soul as your Spirit will thank you for the generous attention to ignite your fueled enthusiasm with the powerful flames of laughter, no more resistance here.  Simply let this be your new stand of Truth to your now steps forward.  Become the joy you want to experience today and in the future.  Just be “joy” as your heart beats to the knowing and familiar rhythm of happiness.

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