Time For a Fresh Start??

Fresh is new, starting over with a “clean slate” and a new perspective.  Does this seem impossible to you?  Does clearing away any and all old, stale and unused debris in your life seem like an impossible feat?  No need to become paralyzed with this point-of-view.  Fresh is not an adverse act unless one is unwilling to let go of their past, unwilling to allow their self to begin a-new as a free and liberated spirit all-inclusive in their present moment and in their present mind and body.  Yes, you are one with fresh and new when you take that first step to do so.  Immediately shifts begin to take place that create unusual experiences and awareness to things you have not been privy to before this time.  Trust yourself here; you will never be led to that which is non-conducive to what is now ready for your new fresh life experience.  All unfolds in its very organic and natural way while it is you who decides what, and how, you would want that experience to be for you.

Wake up now to what is fresh and new, right now, before you, waiting to be tapped into.  Don’t hold back here as you are ready if you hear the call to step forth into what calls out to you, into what appeals to your senses as good, loving, and exciting to partake in.  Don’t deny yourself this very precious time of new beginnings.  There is no fear or doubt worth keeping yourself held back here.  Bring yourself to the realization of your readiness here, of your strength and courage to move past old views and boundaries and allow yourself the sheer joy of your freedom in fresh and new.  So many moments of your precious life can come and go, yet you know what it is that is calling you now.   You know when the time is right to stop making excuses, to stop procrastinating, and to move forward fearlessly and confidently, onto the drawing board of your life.  One clean canvas ready for your creative and  innovative self to bring forth that which comes from deep inside of you, that which is ready and necessary to be exposed, and shared, with your world.

Have fun here dear ones.  Let the beauty and Light of who you are completely, and easily, flow from the inside-out as you expand your new found vision and view of what this means for you.

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