A Willingness to Learn

Turn the Light on and be willing to learn, embrace what you don’t know or understand as much as what you feel you do know and understand.  There is no right or wrong in your learning process.  Everything you gain in learning is always shifting and changing.  What you thought you knew today will completely change what you know tomorrow.  The key here is to open up to it all and grasp as much as you can that feels right and true for you.

It is a rich and abundant universe of knowledge and intelligence that is accessible to all.  Yet, it is in the reception of this knowledge that one is able to put it to use by allowing it to be experienced.  Hence, from here, it now becomes your wisdom.  Yes, once knowledge is processed and utilized it then carries its unique “DNA” of the experience associated with it.  This wisdom now becomes the way to discern your future choices or decisions, in what you allow or don’t allow, into those next new experiences.  You see, you never lose or lack for wisdom, as it is always produced in all of your experiences.  It now becomes a matter of choosing and making the concerned effort, to tap into your wisdom and allow it to be a part of the new choices, or decisions, being made.

Wisdom is of the heart, as all of your experiences are processed through your heart or “love-of-self”, which includes your self-worth, your self-esteem and your self-confidence, at the time of that particular experience.  As you process what it is you feel and know at that time, you begin to create the new shifts and changes by utilizing your love-of-self as the gauge for what you will actually end up experiencing.  Just understanding, and being conscious, of how you are feeling with what is being processed, is enough to bring you the Highest and Best results of newly created wisdom in any experience.

Have fun along the way; remain balanced with humor and joy, as there is nothing too serious about anything you are involved in.  As you realize you are simply always learning and growing you will find the wisdom of your experience in all situations, sometimes down the road of your journey or maybe right then-and-there.  Either way, what is revealed to you at any point in time is exactly what you needed to know.  And, as you remain open while trusting “it all”, you will assuredly be one wise being, heart and Soul.

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