Gradual Development…Fundamentals First

Where do you start when you hear “start here”?  What does this mean for you?  Starting anything new can leave us with many questions or concerns as to what our first steps might be.  What are the most important elements we must consider above and beyond all others?  As we are deciding what is most important here we may fall into our own sabotaging trap of conflict and confusion, thus leaving us frustrated and anxious.  Here we may decide to just throw the whole idea of doing anything “out the window” and simply walk away.  Here is where we can benefit in knowing what our fundamentals, or foundation basics, are before we get to this point of futility.

Your fundamentals are your primary and essential root elements, your basic ground rules and core principles of Truth and integrity.  One need not know the details of their plan-of-action, yet you will know what your basic ground principles are simply by stopping and assessing your normal patterns of progress.  As you observe your normal habits or routines that you engage in before starting any new project, or before becoming involved in any new experience, you can then reveal what essential elements or principles might apply to this new venture you are about to partake in.  Your fundamentals that will help build the foundation become your necessary resources.

Your foundation will hold all that you are about to build upon it, thus if one is uncertain of the magnitude, or size, of their venture then this would be the time to gather information in order to make your best clear decision on what that might be.  Here if one starts out too small they may be limiting their potential growth.  If one starts out too large they may find they have wasted time, energy and resources that could have been used in the future building stages.  There is no exact science in determining what is the best choice, yet if one stops to assess and “go within”, to remove their narrow definitions or old inhibitions first, then they will find their choices and decisions to be a close match to what is needed and necessary at this crucial beginning point of building the foundation.  What you put in is what will hold true for you.  Integrity is a key principle, as the strength of integrity will determine the longevity and strength of your foundation to withstand any adverse, or harsh unwanted elements, which may arrive uninvited.  The details in your process of laying this foundation, the love you pour into your base, and the integrity which you hold steadfast in your Truth, will all come together synergistically to form a firm foundation to last and last.

Even in the beginning there is a gradual process of development as anything hasty, at anytime, will undermine the basic fundamental elements in any unfolding experience or process.  Take it all gradual and at a pace that feels you are able to remain diligent to the entire process being experienced.  Each step is key, yet where you start will determine the lasting value when you have fully completed your new venture and masterpiece.  Don’t forget to love it all along the way; you wouldn’t want even one brick to create a fault line of uncertainty.  Honesty is always the best policy!

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