An Interlude in Time

Dance with me.  Yes, let’s come 2gether and hold each other, just the right way, to flow and move with the rhythms of the life we feel around us right now.  There’s no need to know specifics here, just feel your way from step-to-step.  You lead and I will follow, as that seems like the most natural way for us to dance 2gether right now.  No concern here in taking the lead, as you will know exactly what is needed if you listen, and follow, your own heart.  Just do your best at what you know is your best, at what you feel is your best.   No worries, as I will be able to follow, as I too will do my best to pay attention to your lead, adapt to your general attitude, and move with you without trying to control the steps we take 2gether.  I trust you.  And, as I allow this trust to keep me open to your flowing movement, I will be doing my best without having to think too much about what is going to happen next.  Here, I can just follow and trust that your lead is strong enough to see me through.  That you too are attentively adapting to my movements and reciprocated steps in the right direction of this dance we are dancing.

My best would be that I don’t step on your toes along the way but, if I do, I feel you know that it is not because I am not doing my best, but that it is a moment in time where we are still coming into sync with each other.  Where 2gether we are doing our best to give and bend as needed, until our dance becomes familiar to both of us.  “Practice makes perfect”, thus the more we practice our own role in this beautiful dance we are choreographing the better we shall become in our synchronized movements 2gether.  The more we practice by consciously acknowledging each other’s need to be our best, the more we can support each other in doing our best, as we will recognize each other’s progress along the way.  We will only get better-and-better at what we are doing.  There can be no other outcome when we are both making a concerned and conscious effort to be the best that we can be, while we are “just being” who we are.

This dance is our own; it is unique to us, which is why there are no reasons for “excuses” or validations.  Here, we just simply do our best as we take each step in its synchronized “Divine” time. The dance will then continue to adapt to us, to whom we are and our mutual partnership to unite here and now, as the dance transforms us in our progress 2gether.  I feel it and I know you do too, enough said.  “May I have this dance with you?”

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