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Miracle: The Strategically Shared Action Between Heaven & Earth

Take root into your Earth’s soil and begin to feel the creative elements sustaining your growth and wellbeing, right here and now.  There is nothing for you to do here but to open and receive its glory and fullness, the natural flow of “awakening” coming forward through you, as you draw in all that is needed now in your creative process.  Creating is a shared experience whether you acknowledge it as such or not.  Here you can begin to realize your role as the vessel, to bring the ideas being inspired out into to the open, where they can be acknowledged and worked with in some creative fashion.  Bring your senses to this creative table too as it is here you will begin to act as an artistic master, mixing and blending the many elements you sense belong to be a part of this masterpiece, or miracle, coming into form.

Where is it do you think this idea-inspiration comes from?  Do you stop to look deeper into this phenomenon of inspired thought and action?  Do you feel it is just present and that is all, or do you look beyond the natural elements of its composition and seek its source or beginnings?  “How would that help in the creative process?” you might ask.   “Do I need to know where the inspiration came from or do I just take for granted that it will be available, wherever its origins are”?  If one decides to open up to the vast possibilities of creative origins and the concepts coming forth through their unique connection to the original source, they will then find that there are many other elements of inspiration they were not privy to.  The deeper one seeks to understand their unique creative process the more abundant the natural flow of what one would call “extraordinary”.  It is here that, in order to know “extraordinary” one must be willing to open to its full context and flowing components, and thus they will deliver “extraordinary” without resistance.

Heaven has no understanding of Earths limitations and Earth has natural laws that will be applied no matter what is occurring.  Thus, between these, Heaven and Earth, they will naturally be in their authentic flow and nature, working together in an “extraordinary” way, yet aware only through the mind of the one connecting them.

Establishing New Conditions For Happiness

Healing takes time.  There is always a process in healing as you are a physical and spiritual being with an elaborate structure, which is regularly going through some type of change.  As you move forward with your hearts intention to live your life, fully experiencing many various life experiences, you come to realize that there is always a give and take in all situations.  Some situations may easily flow without much notice of resistance or complications, thus healing or the need to heal may be minimal or go unnoticed.  While other experiences may seem more complex or drawn out, as if they are filled and flowing with drama and chaos.  Here you begin to notice your pain, or a large degree of suffering, from becoming entangled in fears, negativity or even hopelessness.  These experiences may leave you feeling laden with heaviness and deep wounds, some that even feel like they pierced the core of your being as you wonder whether you will ever feel happiness again.

Every experience, no matter how intricate in its “out-play”, delivers the opportunity to seek healing, and at any point in you processing what is causing your pain and suffering.  Our happiness is a choice, a simple yet valid choice, to make in all situations.  Choosing happiness immediately offers us the eternal flow of well-being in any situation.  Choosing happiness will immediately bring the right elements to you for your healing process.  No matter where you are at in the situation you are experiencing, healing is always an option as it is a part of the on-going process of change.  You may rarely notice this gift to your physicality or spirituality.  Yet, as you become more aware of this on-going process in healing, of attracting everything you need to be in optimum healthy well-being and flow, you will then also realize your own Source of happiness that is directly aligned to this significant process.

Hidden Potentials

Don’t be afraid to open your eyes to see, and awaken your senses to feel, what is hidden deep and within you.  Let you explore and adventure into the hidden aspects of you, hidden dreams, gifts, talents and potentials.  Drive yourself to the unknowns and mysteries that are ready to now come to Light and be explored by you, with the new understanding you now possess.  As you continue to open up to the possibilities that there is so much more going on around you, it will allow you to develop an awareness to what is present, yet was unable to be seen or known simply because you had not realized what to look for.

In order to define what “new” is, one must be able to access its energy and sense its availability.  Once there is a “glimpse” of new possibilities, one is able to work with the new energy while developing an understanding of its context and contents.  Simply setting the intention, or desire, to know more and to expose what lies deeply buried within you, will start the process of exploration and wisdom-flow.  Imagine drilling a well for water, if you don’t go deep enough you may only get but a few drops of water.  But, as one drills deep, below the surface and into the underlying layers of earth, they will eventually tap into an abundant source, unseen to the eyes but notably real, as the water flows forward easily and abundantly.

There are many hidden elements, gifts, dreams and potentials within you.  Many that will only be tapped into at just that Divine time when they, and you, are ready to be explored, exposed and received.  This is your own process, yet it is a process that requires your willingness, and action, to bring forth the golden Truths that only you will be able to excavate and reveal.  What’s within you is yours to be had by you, and shared with your world.  There is Truth in that “beauty lies within each of us”, thus to deny your life of such beauty would be a choice only made by you.

Seeing Our “Mistakes” as Creative Elements

How would you define a “mistake”?  As a “misinterpretation” or a “missed opportunity”?  As in “taking” instead of “giving”?  Maybe, seeing it as “missing the “real” truth” and “choosing to remain tied to an illusion of powerlessness”?  “In Truth there are no “mistakes””, we might say.  Yet, do we still hold our self hostage over past events that we may deem “dark” or “negative”?  Do we still hold guilt, fear, anger or worry over what already was a situation that we actually did our best, at the time that it had occurred?  Or, that we utilized our “tools” that we had at that time and felt that we made our best choices with what we had to work with?  Can we see how we have come forward and created beautiful changes in our life because of these so-called “mistakes”?

We are all given situations as opportunities to learn and grow.  Do you see them as “opportunities” or do you see them as “bad”, “dark”, “horrible” “mistakes” in your life?  Without taking away the facts or evidence, that what actually took place may have been the worst thing that you have ever done, or experienced, can you find the Light in what transpired as it relates to who you are today?  Are there still ways you are drawing off of your past “mistakes” and creating new avenues, or directions, for your better life and “happier times ahead”?  Can you see your “mistakes” as “stepping stones” into your “new reality”?  That no matter where you are at in your life right here and now, you can look in hindsight and see what you have learned, or even mastered, from your “mistakes?

What one sees as “good” or “bad” does not denote a “mistake”.  You can see where one might see a “mistake”, another might see a beautiful miracle.  It is clearly our choice here in what we are choosing to do with our own interpretation of our unfolding situations and experiences’; looking back now reveals the actual outcome of those “mistakes”.  Begin to see them with “new eyes” and with a “creative open mind”, as you will then reveal their powerful creative nature.  How each experience added new Light and a greater perspective to the truth at hand, your Truth, your inner Truth and new found wisdom, to create a better life for you and all concerned.

Just Go With It!

Hear the call, follow your heart, and let yourself “just go with it”.  What is the message?  Are you listening?  If you are listening you will hear, sense, or know, loud and clear, what is now coming forth to aid your movements, giving you the guidance and direction you seek.  Just simply ask and, as you hear your own words being asked, you will then begin to feel the pull toward what is already coming forth to answer your situation or dilemma, so you may begin to move forward with avail.  Feel your way here; know that you are the one answering the call that is beckoning you to come forward.  Thus here, you are the decider of what is right and true for you.  There is no other person, or being, that can tell you what is right for you, but you.  Simply listen to your senses and know that with trust, in your power and ability to discern your new direction, you can only make the right choices and decisions in what is true for you.

Trusting yourself becomes a key aspect, as in trusting, you are then able to remove all resistance to the needed and necessary actions calling you forward.  Everything simply falls into place as you are benefiting the situation to flow in its natural way.  “Just go with it”!  Do you see, how as you move along with what you know is true for you, that you will then become part of the “natural unfolding” which is already taking place, simply by “just being you”, in your Truth, and trusting “it all” without interference, control, or judgment?  “Just go with it”!  Just “go with the flow” and the Universal Forces that will follow through in support.  All you need will be present and available for you processing the situation in its “Highest and Best” way.  Stay out of your head and follow your heart as your heart holds your moral compass; this is where love flows freely.  All your other sense will respond to the hearts call to action, as you attend to all that comes to your aid through this loving guidance and direction.

Distribute What You Accumulate

Let go of whatever you are hanging on to and allow the seeds of your wisdom to be sown.  Spread them far and wide without fear of where they may land, or whether they will grow or not.  As one allows their accumulated knowledge and understanding to be expressed and shared, it is then all are given the opportunity to re-frame that wisdom into what may be beneficial for them.  Like a flower that is growing out in a large pasture amongst hundreds of other flowers, it will have a time and a season to shed its bounty, in order to share its abundant nature of “just being”.  Some seeds may fall onto fertile soil, some may fall upon rock, and some may be found and eaten long before they could’ve had an opportunity to find their place to transform.  In all ways you reap what you sow yet, in order to reap a harvest of any magnitude one must first sow the seeds they have stored, in order to make room for what is next to come forth, be acknowledged and received.  Not too complicated of a process yet, if one gets caught up, or entangled, in excessive detail or analysis, the fertile season will pass and the new seeds will wilt away.

Here is where “trust” will allow one to freely sow their seeds of wisdom at an even rate, as with trust one becomes free of all resistance or “hold-ups”.  Here, as one trusts, then what is the “right and proper” action at any point in the process can be delivered seamlessly.  “Trust” allows one to let go of any need to analyze or control the situation, thus the natural unfolding or distribution takes place easily and effortlessly, whether sowing or reaping.  Here, being aware of your call-to-action becomes your sign to do what is harmoniously on time to do and without hesitation or resistance, while your alignment to the proper course of action becomes evident using your own discernment of right or wrong.

Each individual is equipped with their own moral compass for direction and decision making; you always have a choice in what feels right and true for you.  As “the call” is made to distribute what you’ve accumulated simply discern and flow, knowing that whatever you let go of has now allowed you the opportunity to begin a-new once again.  Somewhere down the way, upon your path, your newly accumulated wisdom will see you through to another new beginning of sowing and reaping.

The Clear and Present Reality of Your Magnificence

What would it be like to have everything that you dream or desire to come immediately into form and be able to be utilized by you as it came directly for your use?  How do you see that which you dream and desire today dear ones?  Are they some far-off ideas or images that flounder around in outer space?  Or, are they something you just allow to enter into your thoughts and awareness to feel good once-in-awhile?  Do you really believe in what you dream and desire to have the potential to “come to life”, to be manifested and in a form for you usage and desired purpose?  What separates you from fully experiencing your expectations in their True and full form, in their Truth and fullness of being?  Take a look at what’s holding you back from completing this process called manifesting.  Tear down the walls, or great dividers, that block or limit your full access to your powers within, to your Divine-Self and being.

Imagine right now a wall or divider separating you from your dreams and desires, and all that flows from this Divine place.  You begin to realize this wall, or separation, is built of doubts and fears, even paralysis from entertaining negativity or past judgments.  With this separation present your dreams cannot enter, inspiration cannot come forth, even feelings, passions and instincts are completely dulled or nonexistent.  Now confront this wall or separation and remove it.  Imagine all that you dream and desire can now be allowed to be fully present, freely flowing whenever they need or choose to be.  Now imagine as you allow these dreams, inspirations or passionate ideas to be completely felt, to also allow yourself to “just feel good” about what is being experienced, even if it is still “inside” of you and not yet in physical form.  You stay within this space of flowing dreams and desires and begin to feel progressively better about what is taking place.  You start to sense something new has entered into the process, that something is changing and shifting in a new way, a way that you feel can now be viable and usable to bring the thoughts and ideas to form.  It may not even look like what it originally started out to be in your first inspired thoughts, but you know something new is here now.  It’s a new step in a new direction to actualizing what is being manifested right now.

This, dear ones, is what goes on consistently in your daily lives.  You are constantly tapping into “Divine Thought”, dreams, desires and inspiration, then processing those thought energies through your feelings of “feeling good” while adding to their substance by creating around their core Truth.  Then, once realized, once your awareness comes to accept your thoughts and takes action that only moves you toward their coming-to-form, you then realize their existence in “your present reality”, that everything you needed was there all along.  That without you holding fast to your “just feeling good” in that frontier between your expectation and its manifestation, you might not have ever given yourself the opportunity to experience this magnificent manifestation now available for your full access and usage.

Tear down the walls, dear ones, and those great dividers between you and your dreams.  Once you do there is no limit to what magnificence may come to be present and actualized in your lifetime!