The Clear and Present Reality of Your Magnificence

What would it be like to have everything that you dream or desire to come immediately into form and be able to be utilized by you as it came directly for your use?  How do you see that which you dream and desire today dear ones?  Are they some far-off ideas or images that flounder around in outer space?  Or, are they something you just allow to enter into your thoughts and awareness to feel good once-in-awhile?  Do you really believe in what you dream and desire to have the potential to “come to life”, to be manifested and in a form for you usage and desired purpose?  What separates you from fully experiencing your expectations in their True and full form, in their Truth and fullness of being?  Take a look at what’s holding you back from completing this process called manifesting.  Tear down the walls, or great dividers, that block or limit your full access to your powers within, to your Divine-Self and being.

Imagine right now a wall or divider separating you from your dreams and desires, and all that flows from this Divine place.  You begin to realize this wall, or separation, is built of doubts and fears, even paralysis from entertaining negativity or past judgments.  With this separation present your dreams cannot enter, inspiration cannot come forth, even feelings, passions and instincts are completely dulled or nonexistent.  Now confront this wall or separation and remove it.  Imagine all that you dream and desire can now be allowed to be fully present, freely flowing whenever they need or choose to be.  Now imagine as you allow these dreams, inspirations or passionate ideas to be completely felt, to also allow yourself to “just feel good” about what is being experienced, even if it is still “inside” of you and not yet in physical form.  You stay within this space of flowing dreams and desires and begin to feel progressively better about what is taking place.  You start to sense something new has entered into the process, that something is changing and shifting in a new way, a way that you feel can now be viable and usable to bring the thoughts and ideas to form.  It may not even look like what it originally started out to be in your first inspired thoughts, but you know something new is here now.  It’s a new step in a new direction to actualizing what is being manifested right now.

This, dear ones, is what goes on consistently in your daily lives.  You are constantly tapping into “Divine Thought”, dreams, desires and inspiration, then processing those thought energies through your feelings of “feeling good” while adding to their substance by creating around their core Truth.  Then, once realized, once your awareness comes to accept your thoughts and takes action that only moves you toward their coming-to-form, you then realize their existence in “your present reality”, that everything you needed was there all along.  That without you holding fast to your “just feeling good” in that frontier between your expectation and its manifestation, you might not have ever given yourself the opportunity to experience this magnificent manifestation now available for your full access and usage.

Tear down the walls, dear ones, and those great dividers between you and your dreams.  Once you do there is no limit to what magnificence may come to be present and actualized in your lifetime!

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