Distribute What You Accumulate

Let go of whatever you are hanging on to and allow the seeds of your wisdom to be sown.  Spread them far and wide without fear of where they may land, or whether they will grow or not.  As one allows their accumulated knowledge and understanding to be expressed and shared, it is then all are given the opportunity to re-frame that wisdom into what may be beneficial for them.  Like a flower that is growing out in a large pasture amongst hundreds of other flowers, it will have a time and a season to shed its bounty, in order to share its abundant nature of “just being”.  Some seeds may fall onto fertile soil, some may fall upon rock, and some may be found and eaten long before they could’ve had an opportunity to find their place to transform.  In all ways you reap what you sow yet, in order to reap a harvest of any magnitude one must first sow the seeds they have stored, in order to make room for what is next to come forth, be acknowledged and received.  Not too complicated of a process yet, if one gets caught up, or entangled, in excessive detail or analysis, the fertile season will pass and the new seeds will wilt away.

Here is where “trust” will allow one to freely sow their seeds of wisdom at an even rate, as with trust one becomes free of all resistance or “hold-ups”.  Here, as one trusts, then what is the “right and proper” action at any point in the process can be delivered seamlessly.  “Trust” allows one to let go of any need to analyze or control the situation, thus the natural unfolding or distribution takes place easily and effortlessly, whether sowing or reaping.  Here, being aware of your call-to-action becomes your sign to do what is harmoniously on time to do and without hesitation or resistance, while your alignment to the proper course of action becomes evident using your own discernment of right or wrong.

Each individual is equipped with their own moral compass for direction and decision making; you always have a choice in what feels right and true for you.  As “the call” is made to distribute what you’ve accumulated simply discern and flow, knowing that whatever you let go of has now allowed you the opportunity to begin a-new once again.  Somewhere down the way, upon your path, your newly accumulated wisdom will see you through to another new beginning of sowing and reaping.

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