Just Go With It!

Hear the call, follow your heart, and let yourself “just go with it”.  What is the message?  Are you listening?  If you are listening you will hear, sense, or know, loud and clear, what is now coming forth to aid your movements, giving you the guidance and direction you seek.  Just simply ask and, as you hear your own words being asked, you will then begin to feel the pull toward what is already coming forth to answer your situation or dilemma, so you may begin to move forward with avail.  Feel your way here; know that you are the one answering the call that is beckoning you to come forward.  Thus here, you are the decider of what is right and true for you.  There is no other person, or being, that can tell you what is right for you, but you.  Simply listen to your senses and know that with trust, in your power and ability to discern your new direction, you can only make the right choices and decisions in what is true for you.

Trusting yourself becomes a key aspect, as in trusting, you are then able to remove all resistance to the needed and necessary actions calling you forward.  Everything simply falls into place as you are benefiting the situation to flow in its natural way.  “Just go with it”!  Do you see, how as you move along with what you know is true for you, that you will then become part of the “natural unfolding” which is already taking place, simply by “just being you”, in your Truth, and trusting “it all” without interference, control, or judgment?  “Just go with it”!  Just “go with the flow” and the Universal Forces that will follow through in support.  All you need will be present and available for you processing the situation in its “Highest and Best” way.  Stay out of your head and follow your heart as your heart holds your moral compass; this is where love flows freely.  All your other sense will respond to the hearts call to action, as you attend to all that comes to your aid through this loving guidance and direction.

1 thought on “Just Go With It!

  1. Karen Fisher

    Following my heart, trusting my intuitive self, this is a strong key to success. However, and most importantly, I am earning to listen with my whole self, not just my ears that often cannot filter out the insanity of what I might be hearing. We are spiritual beings inside of our physical bodies. TRUST in myself, my creative and beautiful self, this is your message Divine Messenger and I hear it! Blessings and love.


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