Seeing Our “Mistakes” as Creative Elements

How would you define a “mistake”?  As a “misinterpretation” or a “missed opportunity”?  As in “taking” instead of “giving”?  Maybe, seeing it as “missing the “real” truth” and “choosing to remain tied to an illusion of powerlessness”?  “In Truth there are no “mistakes””, we might say.  Yet, do we still hold our self hostage over past events that we may deem “dark” or “negative”?  Do we still hold guilt, fear, anger or worry over what already was a situation that we actually did our best, at the time that it had occurred?  Or, that we utilized our “tools” that we had at that time and felt that we made our best choices with what we had to work with?  Can we see how we have come forward and created beautiful changes in our life because of these so-called “mistakes”?

We are all given situations as opportunities to learn and grow.  Do you see them as “opportunities” or do you see them as “bad”, “dark”, “horrible” “mistakes” in your life?  Without taking away the facts or evidence, that what actually took place may have been the worst thing that you have ever done, or experienced, can you find the Light in what transpired as it relates to who you are today?  Are there still ways you are drawing off of your past “mistakes” and creating new avenues, or directions, for your better life and “happier times ahead”?  Can you see your “mistakes” as “stepping stones” into your “new reality”?  That no matter where you are at in your life right here and now, you can look in hindsight and see what you have learned, or even mastered, from your “mistakes?

What one sees as “good” or “bad” does not denote a “mistake”.  You can see where one might see a “mistake”, another might see a beautiful miracle.  It is clearly our choice here in what we are choosing to do with our own interpretation of our unfolding situations and experiences’; looking back now reveals the actual outcome of those “mistakes”.  Begin to see them with “new eyes” and with a “creative open mind”, as you will then reveal their powerful creative nature.  How each experience added new Light and a greater perspective to the truth at hand, your Truth, your inner Truth and new found wisdom, to create a better life for you and all concerned.

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