Hidden Potentials

Don’t be afraid to open your eyes to see, and awaken your senses to feel, what is hidden deep and within you.  Let you explore and adventure into the hidden aspects of you, hidden dreams, gifts, talents and potentials.  Drive yourself to the unknowns and mysteries that are ready to now come to Light and be explored by you, with the new understanding you now possess.  As you continue to open up to the possibilities that there is so much more going on around you, it will allow you to develop an awareness to what is present, yet was unable to be seen or known simply because you had not realized what to look for.

In order to define what “new” is, one must be able to access its energy and sense its availability.  Once there is a “glimpse” of new possibilities, one is able to work with the new energy while developing an understanding of its context and contents.  Simply setting the intention, or desire, to know more and to expose what lies deeply buried within you, will start the process of exploration and wisdom-flow.  Imagine drilling a well for water, if you don’t go deep enough you may only get but a few drops of water.  But, as one drills deep, below the surface and into the underlying layers of earth, they will eventually tap into an abundant source, unseen to the eyes but notably real, as the water flows forward easily and abundantly.

There are many hidden elements, gifts, dreams and potentials within you.  Many that will only be tapped into at just that Divine time when they, and you, are ready to be explored, exposed and received.  This is your own process, yet it is a process that requires your willingness, and action, to bring forth the golden Truths that only you will be able to excavate and reveal.  What’s within you is yours to be had by you, and shared with your world.  There is Truth in that “beauty lies within each of us”, thus to deny your life of such beauty would be a choice only made by you.

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