Establishing New Conditions For Happiness

Healing takes time.  There is always a process in healing as you are a physical and spiritual being with an elaborate structure, which is regularly going through some type of change.  As you move forward with your hearts intention to live your life, fully experiencing many various life experiences, you come to realize that there is always a give and take in all situations.  Some situations may easily flow without much notice of resistance or complications, thus healing or the need to heal may be minimal or go unnoticed.  While other experiences may seem more complex or drawn out, as if they are filled and flowing with drama and chaos.  Here you begin to notice your pain, or a large degree of suffering, from becoming entangled in fears, negativity or even hopelessness.  These experiences may leave you feeling laden with heaviness and deep wounds, some that even feel like they pierced the core of your being as you wonder whether you will ever feel happiness again.

Every experience, no matter how intricate in its “out-play”, delivers the opportunity to seek healing, and at any point in you processing what is causing your pain and suffering.  Our happiness is a choice, a simple yet valid choice, to make in all situations.  Choosing happiness immediately offers us the eternal flow of well-being in any situation.  Choosing happiness will immediately bring the right elements to you for your healing process.  No matter where you are at in the situation you are experiencing, healing is always an option as it is a part of the on-going process of change.  You may rarely notice this gift to your physicality or spirituality.  Yet, as you become more aware of this on-going process in healing, of attracting everything you need to be in optimum healthy well-being and flow, you will then also realize your own Source of happiness that is directly aligned to this significant process.

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