Miracle: The Strategically Shared Action Between Heaven & Earth

Take root into your Earth’s soil and begin to feel the creative elements sustaining your growth and wellbeing, right here and now.  There is nothing for you to do here but to open and receive its glory and fullness, the natural flow of “awakening” coming forward through you, as you draw in all that is needed now in your creative process.  Creating is a shared experience whether you acknowledge it as such or not.  Here you can begin to realize your role as the vessel, to bring the ideas being inspired out into to the open, where they can be acknowledged and worked with in some creative fashion.  Bring your senses to this creative table too as it is here you will begin to act as an artistic master, mixing and blending the many elements you sense belong to be a part of this masterpiece, or miracle, coming into form.

Where is it do you think this idea-inspiration comes from?  Do you stop to look deeper into this phenomenon of inspired thought and action?  Do you feel it is just present and that is all, or do you look beyond the natural elements of its composition and seek its source or beginnings?  “How would that help in the creative process?” you might ask.   “Do I need to know where the inspiration came from or do I just take for granted that it will be available, wherever its origins are”?  If one decides to open up to the vast possibilities of creative origins and the concepts coming forth through their unique connection to the original source, they will then find that there are many other elements of inspiration they were not privy to.  The deeper one seeks to understand their unique creative process the more abundant the natural flow of what one would call “extraordinary”.  It is here that, in order to know “extraordinary” one must be willing to open to its full context and flowing components, and thus they will deliver “extraordinary” without resistance.

Heaven has no understanding of Earths limitations and Earth has natural laws that will be applied no matter what is occurring.  Thus, between these, Heaven and Earth, they will naturally be in their authentic flow and nature, working together in an “extraordinary” way, yet aware only through the mind of the one connecting them.

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