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There’s Light at the End of Every Tunnel

It’s always darkest before dawn.  Do you question whether or not the sun will rise every day?  There are many things we take for granted, and until something feels misplaced or disrupted, we will go about believing everything is just as it should be.  What is it about darkness that we fear?  What is it about the absence of Light that we allow our thoughts to immediately formulate something “bad” or “adverse” is going to happen?  Does “no Light” always denote fear, despair or depression?  When in darkness and we are feeling discomfort or fear, would it not be to our benefit to seek the Light, verses dwell on the darkness?  If we take our focus off our fear of the dark, do we believe we can empower our self to find the Light we need in the situation we are faced with? It is in our beliefs that our reality is formed, thus what we are focusing on will be highlighted in our experience.  If one can form a new perspective about darkness, to see it in the Light of Truth, they may come to realize that it is only a time of change and transformation, a time of unknowns and mysteries. Not forever to be unknown or mysterious, as everything is always in changing motion.

With the understanding that this darkness is present for a temporary time and for a good reason, is that enough for you to find peace in the darkness?  With the realization that you are simply in a passage, a tunnel of change, mystery, and transition, can you now feel better or find it easier to become acquainted with your “whereabouts”?  With your acceptance of being here in this position of transition you will have also accepted that the darkness is a part of this present experience.  That you can learn from your time being in the dark as you continue to seek the Light at the end of your tunnel of change and transition.  The more you seek the more you will gather new knowledge, resources and understanding of your “whereabouts”, even in the dark.

With this gathering of knowledge and resources comes the Light of understanding, regarding what is happening where you are right now, and what may be needed to get to the Light of clarity at the end of your transition and completed transformation.  You are never without your power.  And, as you come to terms with your available power to keep progressing forward, with each step gaining more and more understanding, you realize new levels of faith and trust.  You now rely firmly on believing that there is always Light at the end of the tunnel, that there’s not any reason it wouldn’t be there for you now or in the future.

With this firm faith or belief, we will always make progress.  We will give our self the perpetual gift of expanding and growing in our wisdom, strength and being all that we are.  With this new Light of understanding we will give our self another new opportunity, when the time is right, to step into a new tunnel of unknowns and mysteries, now realizing its potential to fulfill our steps forward in joy of being and expanding all that we are, out into the Light of the world, where it can always be found at the end of another’s tunnel.

Passion Persuades

Hear the call and answer the call, answer the call with passion, joy and excitement.  Your passion is ignited and fueled with your direct action in answering the call of your heart-to-heart connection.  “Where’s the call coming from?” you wonder.  “Who’s on the other end of this compelling and luring force, pulling me toward it like the opposite end of a magnet?”  Do you feel resistance or do you trust yourself to let go and be drawn to that which you are aligned with right now?

How will you know what is calling you if you do not allow yourself to be led to it?  Your passionate feelings, flowing deep and forcibly within you, are your cue that there is a strong heart-to-heart connection.  Passion is of the heart thus, your passion, is what needs to be fueled by you in order to keep the deep connection you are strongly sensing and experiencing.  Your excitement and enthusiasm for more, of what you are feeling as good and true, is what will feed and nurture this driving force shared between your heart and the heart of the one calling you now.  Anticipation grows as you draw nearer and nearer to this heart-so-true.  Everything you experience along the way becomes food and sustenance to drive the passion now being shared between you.

There are no limits when it comes to this heart-to-heart connection.  What you allow will be what you will experience in its fullness.  The fire is lit once the call is answered.  Your actions now lead you every step of the way, to stoke the fire of love within the hearts’ shared connection, while the passion exchanged through the openness and willing acceptance of both hearts becomes stronger, deeper, and richer, until the two are individually made whole from completely sharing in this heart-to-heart powerful experience.  There’s nothing like it as it is unique to the two, who have now become changed and transformed by their full input of shared passion and drive, to expand and extend the love they now intimately share.

Your Prescription for “One More Day”

What would happen, or how would you feel, if you were ship wrecked and led astray to an island with no apparent inhabitants?  Where you were left to fend for your food and shelter all on your own?  You might get excited at first, thinking how nice it would be to not have any other responsibilities but to feed and shelter yourself.  How long do you think you would enjoy that time away from the life you are presently living?  Or, does the thought of being left stranded out on an island without any other inhabitants completely terrify you; leave you feeling sad and lonely?  The questions here are your direct answers to “How are you presently living your life?”

As you strip away all the hustle and bustle, all the drama and entanglements, all the worries and fears over your everyday comings and goings in the present reality of your “everyday” perception of your life, you can then begin to see what has become your “everyday” prescription  written by you, in order to live one more day.  “Really?” you might ask, “Aren’t all the comings and goings of my day important in order to have the opportunity to live one more day?”  Only you can answer these questions.  As we move along in our lives, making decisions in what we allow or not allow, are we aware of what is really important, verses what we just do because “we should”?  If you go back to how you felt with the thought, or scenario, of being stranded alone on an island, you realize your first and immediate reaction will assist you in the many needed changes to your daily on-going life.

How do you feel you would (re)write your prescription for living “one more day”, based upon the feeling of what you would truly like your next new day to look like, or play-out?  What would stay and what would go, in your “normal” routine?  What do you feel you need more of, or less of, in order to have the happiness, peace and harmonic balance you most likely desire?  What would be your prescription now, the prescription for needed changes perhaps?  Do you believe you can make those changes to your daily “routine”, or are you willing to just live with the same old prescription that you automatically refill each night before you go to sleep?  Do you see that by stripping your life down to its bare essentials you can then uncover the key elements for your prescriptions’ foundation?  And, are you even providing those key elements, first and foremost, over all the other “everyday” things going on?

As you stop to fully assess your thoughts here of a healthy, peaceful, loving, joyful, abundant, and vital lifestyle, ask yourself this too “What have I been living without or sacrificed, for a very long time now, that I must first and foremost address, and discover a way to bring this important element into my life now, as there may not be one more day to know and experience its beauty in my life?”  ”What am I waiting for, someone to write me a prescription?”

Reaching For Our Ultimate Star

As I stand on a cliff am I really that much closer to touching the stars?  Is it the higher I climb the mountain I am on, the closer I will be?  Does that mean I only look for high mountains to climb?  Is “that” one star my only goal to reach?  I realize that in order to reach “that” star I will need to either carve the way or find an existing path to get there.  If “that” star is my “ultimate” goal, or expected result of destination, can there be many ways to reach it?  Is there already a carved path to “there”?  Or, is there one particular mountain tall enough to take me directly to “it”?  Maybe is the answer to all of these questions yet the journey, and all my experiences along the way to this “ultimate” star, is what will determine what I will experience, once I reach “it” and if I will reach “it”.

Is it really just “this” one star that I am after?  Do I not have or establish other “ultimate” goals and expectancies along the way?  In creating my paths to where I am going I realize I will need to take into account various elements of my journey.  The conditions I might face will be unique to me, as to what I am experiencing inside and outside of me.  If I decide to use a route that has already been carved by someone else, am I prepared to make the needed changes as I see appropriate?  Am I willing to adapt to the present conditions while still applying my own recipe for my progress?  I think “keep it simple” yet simple can mean “elaborate without resistance or struggle”.  Simple could also mean ”trust my intuition and inner guidance, by listening attentively to what I feel is the right recipe for me, and my successful attainment to this “ultimate” star/goal”.

I begin to see more clearly now how important it is for me to fully allow myself to just be “me”, in my full expression of who I am, allowing joy to be experienced along the way.  As I follow my heart I will remain connected to this joy, which is my Truth resonating deep within me.  I realize that here, in my joy, I will most confidently make the right decisions for me and the ingredients needed, or subtracted,  to create an “ultimate” journey in fulfillment of my “ultimate” goal.

I will reach “that” star no matter what, yet I know that on the way to “that” star I will remain in my integrity, continually redefining my recipe for living in joy along the way.  Once I reach that “ultimate” destination there will be no regrets to hash, only pure joy and love for everything that brought me here.  The sun will rise and I will realize that there are many more mountains to climb, with new “ultimate” stars waiting to be lassoed by me.

Following Our Own Recipe for Liberated Self-Expression

Don’t be afraid to reveal the unique ingredients of all that you are, a little of “this” and a lot of “that” certainly makes up the extraordinary taste and contents of who you are.  How does one come to reveal the finer elements of their own creative-self?  Certainly, what’s matured over time has become a unique expression all on its own.  Does one come to know or define their intricate ingredients, of their whole and complete self, simply by laying out some sort of step-by-step direction in mixing and blending?  In every recipe, no matter how perfectly one follows the directions of creating its mixture; there are always elements of surprise.  Many times there seems to be unexpected results, or unusual outcomes, that can’t be explained yet, are still noticeably present.  Each recipe becomes a guideline to a successful outcome, yet what is evident are the variations produced by the individual creators.  One might feel that they are the “master” creator of their own particular recipe, where another might feel the mastery belongs to someone else.  As both individuals look at the same recipe and deciphered contents it becomes evident, that the interpretation comes from the one who is doing the mixing and blending.

Your recipe for your successful, or best, expression of you may be fully laid out by you.  Yet we also come to realize that, by allowing others around us to give us their interpretations of our own recipes, they can add new style and flavor to our own understanding of what the outcome should be.  In other words, by allowing others to bring their ideas and inspirations to our tried and true recipes of our own self-expression, we can then add new options, flavors, and tasty choices, creating a new adjusted recipe of our self-expression.  Adding new ingredients and variations allows us to feel and express ourselves a little differently, and in new ways we could not have known without their fresh input.

Thus, never be afraid to change an ingredient or to vary the processing of your interpretation in your self-expression.  As you realize new attitudes and allow fresh ideas to come into your line-up of your unique recipe ingredients, you can then begin to master new ways to express yourself.  Here you will bring new energy to your creative process, which will attract more new input from others who find your new recipe for self-expression one recipe they cannot live without.

The Truth About Time and Reality

In the presentation of all aspects to what you are now observing, begin to see with the eyes of your dreams and all that you feel is now ready to become real, as a part of your life.  Knock on doors and open those that are unlocked.  Take cues from what seems to be evident and signaling you to come forward for experiencing.  You are the one to see this through.  You are the leader in your own life path unfolding, which is always in motion.  Take the reins of your power and inner driving forces that compel your being in all of its fullness, into the mysteries and unknowns that lay before you.  There is no time but now and what lies ahead will become your now at some point in time.

Time, what is the meaning of this word we call “time”?  A mystery to most as what we take for granted as its definition will continuously keep us questioning its deeper meaning, or Truth in reality.  Reality, here another word that can leave us seeking and searching for more.  Most may be fine with the simple understanding of what “reality” would be for them, yet in truth, most are consistently asking many questions around its True meaning.

“Time” and “reality” work hand-in-hand.  There is a correlation in their meaning, as one actually defines the other.  If one does not understand the meaning of one, they will hardly understand the meaning of the other.  Yet, as one seeks to unveil and reveal the deeper meaning of one, they shall automatically become wiser to the other.

Pioneering Our New Beginnings

So what is next?  Do you need to be multi-tasking in order to feel good about yourself?  Is it not fulfilling to just do one thing at a time and immerse your entire self into that one activity, without thoughts of guilt for not using your time efficiently?  The concept of time can be vast if we’d expand the parameters and narrow boundaries we have so securely in place.  It is when we are fully allowing our self to completely be present in what we are engaged in that we will not feel time parameters, while freeing our self to be fully present in the particulars of our engaged activity.  Here, is our avenue or opportunity to become the pioneer in our own life direction and path.

As a pioneer we are choosing to step into unknown, or undefined, territory.  We are allowing our self to be led into a place, or places, that we have never been or experienced before.  “How do we even recognize these unknown unchartered experiences?” you may ask.  Once we are fully present in our present moment of activity, we are then made aware of what it is we don’t know, or haven’t yet attempted to engage our energy and time into.  We begin to recognize the “voids” in our life, the things we may have thought about doing but never did, or the ideas we may have put on a list somewhere but never gave them the time-of-day.  There are dreams and desires that sit in the background of our minds that call out to us but we continuously hush their screams for attention.  These are all “voids” in our path or journey that are now ready and waiting to be fulfilled and completed.

These calls to your attention are not to annoy or frustrate you.  Instead, they are your calls to action, to become the pioneer for what is “unexplainable” and “unknowable” in your “voids of un-fulfillment”.   It is your readiness now awakened to become the pioneer or adventurer.  It is your time to unveil, uncover and reveal what is now available to act upon, and to become part of your new life, new beginnings, presently unfolding.  All plays a part in this action and role as a pioneer yet one must remain fully focused in their present actions, in order to know their next steps into “unknowable” territory.  Your learning levels here become advanced as you are not only attempting to find understanding of what is being newly experienced and explored, but “how” you will communicate the “unexplainable”.  One must become open to all the elements of their unknown experience and exploration, thus be courageous, trusting and objective in what is being newly experienced, felt and sensed, in order to discern and interpret their findings.

Pioneering does not have to be difficult if one is willing to allow their mind to accept that this is a new adventure into unknown territory.  That everything pioneered or founded will be as important or perfect in its own unique way, to the one pioneering its revelation.  New beginnings hold many unknown and unexplained circumstances or elements.  Realize here that, in your role as the pioneer of your own findings and revelations, you cannot fail.  There is only the Truth in the findings and in the experience, which will be up to the one uniquely engaged as the pioneer of their own unique life.

Thriving in The Joy of Our Originality

Arrive to thrive, move yourself from the point of “making do”.  Go the distance to reach and extend past your present boundaries you have so securely in place.  Bust out of your old shell, old thought, and old authority, and then remove the remnants completely and for good.  Don’t leave yourself in an entangled mess of old and new.  Once you lump the two together it will create an extra tedious task to weed out what is no longer serving or essential for your present use.  Thriving requires your extra attention to detail.  It requires your strong desire and willingness to put forth what is now needed, and necessary, to produce the outcome you desire.  As you thrive, so shall you flow and fly high.  As you thrive, you attract only what will fuel more thriving.  You begin to understand what is needed and necessary to nurture and feed the thriving experience, you are so readily and passionately a part of.

Yes, when you are thriving everything is in harmonious order.  There is only joy flowing, and you are moving forward in progress.  There cannot be elements of lower feelings or bonds of negativity.  Once you reach a point of thriving you must continue to tend to what is calling out for balance and cultivation.  Here is where your creativity comes forward in its fullness.  Here is where your mind is turned on, as the flow of ideas spring forth to assist your state of thriving.  Everything feels and looks good when you are in this state, thus the mind and your senses will grab onto this good feeling and not want to let go, for fear of decline or adverse intrusions.  Here, in your own original way of responding to your ever-flowing feel-good-feelings of thriving, you will begin to seek a new perspective on creating more of what feels so good, to have and to experience.  Your heart acknowledges the alignment to the wonder and the glory of what you have created, while your mind attempts to wrap itself around the details of how to achieve more.  Between the two you find your best way to please the new longing, and new desires, that have now come forward.

While thriving, do not become complacent or lazy.  One must continue to fuel the creative fires using their originality, in what feels true at this time.  Yet, one must also acknowledge that the circumstances are always in motion and consistently changing, while they are in the midst of all that they are experiencing.  Stay attentive and tuned in to all that you sense occurring around you.  Here, you will begin to adapt and understand exactly what is needed from you, to keep your state of thriving in its full power and progress.  There will also be a time to pause and rest.  Yet know, when you do, this too will come from your original creative powers.  The pause is just as important as the thriving, and just as unique as you own original expression you give each step of your progress.