Thriving in The Joy of Our Originality

Arrive to thrive, move yourself from the point of “making do”.  Go the distance to reach and extend past your present boundaries you have so securely in place.  Bust out of your old shell, old thought, and old authority, and then remove the remnants completely and for good.  Don’t leave yourself in an entangled mess of old and new.  Once you lump the two together it will create an extra tedious task to weed out what is no longer serving or essential for your present use.  Thriving requires your extra attention to detail.  It requires your strong desire and willingness to put forth what is now needed, and necessary, to produce the outcome you desire.  As you thrive, so shall you flow and fly high.  As you thrive, you attract only what will fuel more thriving.  You begin to understand what is needed and necessary to nurture and feed the thriving experience, you are so readily and passionately a part of.

Yes, when you are thriving everything is in harmonious order.  There is only joy flowing, and you are moving forward in progress.  There cannot be elements of lower feelings or bonds of negativity.  Once you reach a point of thriving you must continue to tend to what is calling out for balance and cultivation.  Here is where your creativity comes forward in its fullness.  Here is where your mind is turned on, as the flow of ideas spring forth to assist your state of thriving.  Everything feels and looks good when you are in this state, thus the mind and your senses will grab onto this good feeling and not want to let go, for fear of decline or adverse intrusions.  Here, in your own original way of responding to your ever-flowing feel-good-feelings of thriving, you will begin to seek a new perspective on creating more of what feels so good, to have and to experience.  Your heart acknowledges the alignment to the wonder and the glory of what you have created, while your mind attempts to wrap itself around the details of how to achieve more.  Between the two you find your best way to please the new longing, and new desires, that have now come forward.

While thriving, do not become complacent or lazy.  One must continue to fuel the creative fires using their originality, in what feels true at this time.  Yet, one must also acknowledge that the circumstances are always in motion and consistently changing, while they are in the midst of all that they are experiencing.  Stay attentive and tuned in to all that you sense occurring around you.  Here, you will begin to adapt and understand exactly what is needed from you, to keep your state of thriving in its full power and progress.  There will also be a time to pause and rest.  Yet know, when you do, this too will come from your original creative powers.  The pause is just as important as the thriving, and just as unique as you own original expression you give each step of your progress.

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