Pioneering Our New Beginnings

So what is next?  Do you need to be multi-tasking in order to feel good about yourself?  Is it not fulfilling to just do one thing at a time and immerse your entire self into that one activity, without thoughts of guilt for not using your time efficiently?  The concept of time can be vast if we’d expand the parameters and narrow boundaries we have so securely in place.  It is when we are fully allowing our self to completely be present in what we are engaged in that we will not feel time parameters, while freeing our self to be fully present in the particulars of our engaged activity.  Here, is our avenue or opportunity to become the pioneer in our own life direction and path.

As a pioneer we are choosing to step into unknown, or undefined, territory.  We are allowing our self to be led into a place, or places, that we have never been or experienced before.  “How do we even recognize these unknown unchartered experiences?” you may ask.  Once we are fully present in our present moment of activity, we are then made aware of what it is we don’t know, or haven’t yet attempted to engage our energy and time into.  We begin to recognize the “voids” in our life, the things we may have thought about doing but never did, or the ideas we may have put on a list somewhere but never gave them the time-of-day.  There are dreams and desires that sit in the background of our minds that call out to us but we continuously hush their screams for attention.  These are all “voids” in our path or journey that are now ready and waiting to be fulfilled and completed.

These calls to your attention are not to annoy or frustrate you.  Instead, they are your calls to action, to become the pioneer for what is “unexplainable” and “unknowable” in your “voids of un-fulfillment”.   It is your readiness now awakened to become the pioneer or adventurer.  It is your time to unveil, uncover and reveal what is now available to act upon, and to become part of your new life, new beginnings, presently unfolding.  All plays a part in this action and role as a pioneer yet one must remain fully focused in their present actions, in order to know their next steps into “unknowable” territory.  Your learning levels here become advanced as you are not only attempting to find understanding of what is being newly experienced and explored, but “how” you will communicate the “unexplainable”.  One must become open to all the elements of their unknown experience and exploration, thus be courageous, trusting and objective in what is being newly experienced, felt and sensed, in order to discern and interpret their findings.

Pioneering does not have to be difficult if one is willing to allow their mind to accept that this is a new adventure into unknown territory.  That everything pioneered or founded will be as important or perfect in its own unique way, to the one pioneering its revelation.  New beginnings hold many unknown and unexplained circumstances or elements.  Realize here that, in your role as the pioneer of your own findings and revelations, you cannot fail.  There is only the Truth in the findings and in the experience, which will be up to the one uniquely engaged as the pioneer of their own unique life.

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