Following Our Own Recipe for Liberated Self-Expression

Don’t be afraid to reveal the unique ingredients of all that you are, a little of “this” and a lot of “that” certainly makes up the extraordinary taste and contents of who you are.  How does one come to reveal the finer elements of their own creative-self?  Certainly, what’s matured over time has become a unique expression all on its own.  Does one come to know or define their intricate ingredients, of their whole and complete self, simply by laying out some sort of step-by-step direction in mixing and blending?  In every recipe, no matter how perfectly one follows the directions of creating its mixture; there are always elements of surprise.  Many times there seems to be unexpected results, or unusual outcomes, that can’t be explained yet, are still noticeably present.  Each recipe becomes a guideline to a successful outcome, yet what is evident are the variations produced by the individual creators.  One might feel that they are the “master” creator of their own particular recipe, where another might feel the mastery belongs to someone else.  As both individuals look at the same recipe and deciphered contents it becomes evident, that the interpretation comes from the one who is doing the mixing and blending.

Your recipe for your successful, or best, expression of you may be fully laid out by you.  Yet we also come to realize that, by allowing others around us to give us their interpretations of our own recipes, they can add new style and flavor to our own understanding of what the outcome should be.  In other words, by allowing others to bring their ideas and inspirations to our tried and true recipes of our own self-expression, we can then add new options, flavors, and tasty choices, creating a new adjusted recipe of our self-expression.  Adding new ingredients and variations allows us to feel and express ourselves a little differently, and in new ways we could not have known without their fresh input.

Thus, never be afraid to change an ingredient or to vary the processing of your interpretation in your self-expression.  As you realize new attitudes and allow fresh ideas to come into your line-up of your unique recipe ingredients, you can then begin to master new ways to express yourself.  Here you will bring new energy to your creative process, which will attract more new input from others who find your new recipe for self-expression one recipe they cannot live without.

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