Reaching For Our Ultimate Star

As I stand on a cliff am I really that much closer to touching the stars?  Is it the higher I climb the mountain I am on, the closer I will be?  Does that mean I only look for high mountains to climb?  Is “that” one star my only goal to reach?  I realize that in order to reach “that” star I will need to either carve the way or find an existing path to get there.  If “that” star is my “ultimate” goal, or expected result of destination, can there be many ways to reach it?  Is there already a carved path to “there”?  Or, is there one particular mountain tall enough to take me directly to “it”?  Maybe is the answer to all of these questions yet the journey, and all my experiences along the way to this “ultimate” star, is what will determine what I will experience, once I reach “it” and if I will reach “it”.

Is it really just “this” one star that I am after?  Do I not have or establish other “ultimate” goals and expectancies along the way?  In creating my paths to where I am going I realize I will need to take into account various elements of my journey.  The conditions I might face will be unique to me, as to what I am experiencing inside and outside of me.  If I decide to use a route that has already been carved by someone else, am I prepared to make the needed changes as I see appropriate?  Am I willing to adapt to the present conditions while still applying my own recipe for my progress?  I think “keep it simple” yet simple can mean “elaborate without resistance or struggle”.  Simple could also mean ”trust my intuition and inner guidance, by listening attentively to what I feel is the right recipe for me, and my successful attainment to this “ultimate” star/goal”.

I begin to see more clearly now how important it is for me to fully allow myself to just be “me”, in my full expression of who I am, allowing joy to be experienced along the way.  As I follow my heart I will remain connected to this joy, which is my Truth resonating deep within me.  I realize that here, in my joy, I will most confidently make the right decisions for me and the ingredients needed, or subtracted,  to create an “ultimate” journey in fulfillment of my “ultimate” goal.

I will reach “that” star no matter what, yet I know that on the way to “that” star I will remain in my integrity, continually redefining my recipe for living in joy along the way.  Once I reach that “ultimate” destination there will be no regrets to hash, only pure joy and love for everything that brought me here.  The sun will rise and I will realize that there are many more mountains to climb, with new “ultimate” stars waiting to be lassoed by me.

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